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Hi im wondering if these may be symtoms of lyme

When i was around 13 i visited north carolina when i went back home to newyork i remeber noticing some sort of bug on my groin area i pulled it off and never payed mind to it after that i never developed a rash i didnt have any symtoms that was around 5 years ago but recently around the area where i was bit i noticed that there was a large bump and since that bump rose ive had this numb spot in my toe it feels a little like a bubble.. the bump went back down in about a week or so.. also ive been have pulsating sensations in my back my mom says there muscle spasms sometimes when i wake up my hands are tingling and i have light muscle and joint pain it isnt really severe its just more on the annoying side i also get headaches but that seems to run in my family my mother always gets migranes im not sure if this is serious if anyone can comment it would be appreciated
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hi, can you describe the 'bump' around the bite area - I am sure I had similar thing in the area I was bitten.

Your muscle spasms etc. sound suspicious for lyme

I am sure you will get some good advice here -

take care
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i dont know it was really ugly looking and it hurt to touch it got irritated by my jeans aswell so it hurt more but it was strange because that was years ago ive never had the joint pain etc until now
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A bunch of us here have Lyme but never saw a tick or a bump or anything -- but we share some or all of your symptoms.  

Have you asked your MD to run Lyme tests on you?  MDs who are not very familiar with Lyme may not ultimately be very helpful, but it's a place to start.  Once you have the response from your MD, you can decide whether to press on to find an MD who specializes in Lyme.  Good news and bad news, there's a lot of Lyme in NY State, so you might not have such a hard time getting to an LLMD [doctor who specializes in Lyme].

Good luck, let us know how you do.
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Welcome to MedHelp.  You live in a lyme endemic state so even besides the bite you saw you could have been bitten at anytime and not known it.  
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did the 'bump' have a dark spot in the middle - almost black?
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No it was shiny and i think i got the bite in north carolina not ny
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