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How is everyone?

Hey,it's been awhile since I've been on and wanted to know how everyone's doing. I'm still dealing with all this joint pain. I joined a weight loss program in my town and doing really well so far. I had lost 6lbs in a week and am trying to get down to my weight goal of 135lbs. I'm 174 right now and was 180 when I started. I won a prize for losing the most weight. I'm hoping if I lose weight it will help my health. I've been taking daily walks and drinking lots of water and eating my veggies.

I really hope everyone's doing good. I miss being on here..been so busy. I'm trying to keep my mind off the pain but it's not working very well. I will be on tomorrow..my son has his friend over for the night. Talk to you all later and have a great night!!:)

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Thank you everyone. I think I'm over doing it when I'm walking,my joints get stiff. I usually walk 4 miles a week,but this week I'm gonna walk 2-3 instead. Every morning it seems I get stuffed up. I sneeze alot and not sure what it's from. By the time the day progresses it gets better. And the dizzy spells have just started. I have balance issues and it looks like I'm drunk. But the biggest issue I have is my arthrits..it's an everyday thing.

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Nice to hear from you.
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Good for you, and congrats on your early success.

I think lots of Lyme patients end up becoming "health nuts," or at least more so relative to their "pre-Lyme" selves.  

If you have the energy to put into making good choices and exercise, that's great.  But listen carefully to your body and accept that a fully healthy person may have an easier time than you.  

I lost a chunk of weight (~40 lb) while undiagnosed and fighting my unknown enemy.  But ultimately I got more sick and now all of my efforts go to keeping the weight off, not losing more (which I need to do eventually).  It is frustrating to be "stuck," but I know my body is under a lot of stress so losing more may need to wait until I'm further along in recovery.

Pre-Lyme, I was a sedentary smoker who practically lived on beer and chicken wings.  Now I eat much better, lots of veggies/no red meat/low sugar, quit smoking/drinking, and exercise several times a week (health/energy permitting).  I'm unrecognizable in terms of my habits and lifestyle.  

I think exercise can help a lot with stiffness.  It's harder to get going, but usually pays off in the end!

Best of luck, and again good for you for working so hard for your health.  Just remember to be kind to yourself and patient.  Cliche, but losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint, and may be very difficult on top of your health.  Just do your best to eat well and I'm sure that your body will thank you for it!
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