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How long does the rash last ?

Was wondering how long the rash lasts after starting antibiotics.  It's faded to a tan color.  Really just more curious than anything.


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I didn't have a rash, nor did my daughter -- at least, we never saw a rash, but it can be on the scalp and not seen.  The rash seems to vary widely in different people, so I don't know that there is any rule of thumb ... but I would say it probably won't last very long.
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"The rash can last anywhere from several days to several months, even over a year. It can come and go in cycles that are related to the treatment the Lyme’s patient is receiving. Treatment often causes something called the Herxheimer reaction, a presentation or relapse of symptoms."


This article is more conservative:

I, personally, have never heard of an EM lasting over a year---- but perhaps it does.

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I never had a rash either.
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Thanks so much.

Also in another thread thx for the info on Cipro kidney stones!

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