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How many Lymies have negative blood types?

This is just something that occurred to me through researching the neurological symptoms of Lyme.  It appears that only Rhesus monkeys are the only ones that get neuroborreliosis.  Rhesus monkeys have the RH antigen in their blood, so I am wondering if this antigen which for humans would mean all negative blood types, has anything to do with the severity of symptoms and/or if someone will develop neuroborreliosis. The articles also state that the neurological symptoms in these monkeys were of the peripheral nervous system, just as mine are.

So just a hypothetical, but I thought it might be worth looking into.  Perhaps the negative blood types are predisposed to having a more severe Lyme reaction and may also have more difficulty in recovering.  I'm wondering what role this antigen must play in Lyme considering that only the Rhesus monkeys developed the neuro symptoms.
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Correction, Rhesus monkeys have the RH factor so it would actually be more consistent with positive blood types in humans (hypothetically) to have the neuro symptoms.  I'm just thinking out loud here, but if a tick can transmit all these bacteria, is it possible for them to also transmit the wrong blood type from another animal/person and cause an immune reaction by the host?  When positive blood is given to the someone with a negative blood type, they will gradually develop antibodies called anti-Rh agglutinins, that attach to the Rh-positive red blood cells, causing them to agglutinate.  So maybe a response to the RH pos. blood would be quick and taken care of by the body so that it wouldn't cause any major issues, but it's an interesting thought.

So I"m just thinking there may be a role in Lyme somewhere because I don't understand why the Rhesus monkeys are more susceptible to the neuro Lyme.
I am RH negative too and I was born with lyme disease so it leads me to believe there is definitely a connection.
Hello FireAway.  Thanks for stopping by!  You were born with lyme disease?  How does this impact you?  Can you tell us anymore about that?  We'd like to know your story and how you've managed things.
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I am RH negative if this means anything.
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I'm RH neg too~
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Oh boy I wonder if weezy is on to something, hope he keeps us informed on the thread.  How are you feeling skarey?
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This is interesting!  

  Well I'm still feeling horrible... hopefully tomorrow will be a new day.  I took a much needed 4 hour nap this afternoon after calling my husband in desperation to come home and take the kids.  My son is sick now too with Strep so we're all falling apart at the seams!  
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Sorry to spoil the party.  I'm O+.
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Jackie, you didn't spoil it...lol I am just curious as what he is trying to say, do you know in laymans terms?
Take care skarey, things will get better
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I believe that my blood type is RH. I know that I have the RH factor.

I'm curious to see if any of us that have lyme and the same blood type, are at a high risk to develop lyme if bitten by a tick.

Interesting. I might mention this to my LLMD next month.

Keep us posted.
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I'm A positive and have negative blood tests.
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I am B positive. However, it has taken me a long time to become symptomatic. From what I understand, Blood type B is known for a strong immune and became more prevalent in Europe after the plague.
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I am b negative and I tested negative for lyme. I had a tick sucking my blood for weeks when I discovered it. I pulled it out with a comb and stepped on it as it was grayish beige with a line down the middle of it.After this I had a stiff neck and fever and not one doctor can tell me I didn't contract lyme disease. That was fifty years ago since then I have every symptom of lyme disease and started treating myself with the salt and vitamin C protocol, cutting out all bread and cake making my own yogurt and cheese from grass fed goat or lamb milk. I just started this and I'm feeling worse than ever with hope it will get better!
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Welcome to MedHelp Lyme!  So sorry that you have gone through so much ... and hurrah for you for not giving up!

Have you met with a Lyme specialist to see what s/he might be able to do for you?
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I am rh- and positive for lymes. My symptoms have progressed rapidly. More so after it was attempted to be treated.
I am AB Rh - and tested positive for Lyme. My symptoms were EXACTLY AS MORGELLONS for almost a year..my symptoms have calmed from staying away from Gluten (for the most part) and Dairy....
Treated? How?
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I have A- blood. Got Lymes in may 2004.Had Lyme rage from 2004 to 2013.After the fever and body aches, The raging was the scariest part for me.Today I have fatigue, but that could also be my age (63) or that I am also diabetic. I Amean female and live in the woods in Wisconsin
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