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Hyperbaric chamber treatments and lymes?

Started today with hyperbaric treatments to try and kick the spirochete out in the open so my doxy can kill it!  Would welcome any thoughts on it.    
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There is a website called 'Quackwatch', which includes commentary about various non-mainstream-medicine approaches to treating Lyme.  They are not keen on HBOT, but then again they are also not keen on a whole lot of other treatment approaches taken by Lyme docs.  

Reading everything you can find, pro and con, about any treatment one is about to undertake for Lyme etc. is highly recommended ... though when you've got Lyme, you may not have the concentration or memory to deal with it all.  That's where a good doc comes in useful.

I would do all the reading you can find, pro and con, about any treatment, and make as informed decision as possible.
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An increase in your oxygen level however will be a big help.  Some of your immune cells use oxygen products in what is known as the respiratory burst to do some killing.  
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That was my thinking only.  There is a dr. In virginia area using it now in his treatment.  He's a well known lymes doctor.   Watched a video on you tube that he had done.    
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Please post back after your treatments -- it would be interesting and very helpful to those posting here.  I did some reading on the approach last night.  

Best wishes!
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Ok. So I finished with 3 treatments. A 1.5 hr session each day in a oxogen chamber.  Not bad.   They have to take every precaution, checking ear passages , blood pressure and body temp. Before you go in and after.   Unfortunately you have to go to a pressure of 2.4 about to drive out the spirochete as they say.    This can be a little hard with some peoples ears.  I haven't experienced that thank goodness.     I'm on my doxy as well. 400 mg.  just finishing my 5th. Week.   I have to say I feel a little better, have almost all my energy.  However I still have a little foggy ness in my head.   I do believe that the treatments have at the very least agitated the bacteria.   To early to give it a stamp yet.   They tell me approximately 20 visits!   I've only done three.  So.   I need to keep monitoring my symptoms for everyone.    My original symptoms again where numbness in legs, forearms, face and knee joint pain.   So far all have been less severe since starting with doxy.    
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Very interesting!  Thank you for the reporting.  We will look forward to hearing more -- take care!
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