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I have a question about Lyme disease

I renencnlty got dignoised with cronic Lyme disease and starting meds today all of my symptoms seems to be affecting my Nero side like my mind a blank mind confused very out of it depersonalized dizzy not as much joint pain only in knees and neck I have know a good friend who has became mentally challenged after having Lyme disease has to be weel chaired and exetra my concern is this a posiblity that could happend to me because of the symptoms are happing to me I feel like a differnt person in my head and I won't to feel normal agian if anyone knows any information about this I would appreciate it thank you for your time
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Hi, the extreme Neuro symptoms sounds like you could have the co-infection of Bartonella. I was in a wheelchair for a short period of time. Many people who feel the depersonalization and/or anxiety & depression have Bartonella. Were you diagnosed by an LLMD? If so he should consider the co-infections.
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