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IgG 41 and IgM 23 positive help please

Hi, for the past two months I’ve felt generalized achiness, symmetrical muscle pains in my arms, joint pain on and off in my hands, back and knees, very dry eyes, cold hands and splotchy redness in my hands with burning sensation, and depression

My CBC was normal, tests for RA and lupus was normal, EBV was negative. She did a western blot as the only test for Lyme and my IgG p41 and IgM p23 were the only positive bands. What do you all think? My doctor recommended starting a 3 week course of doxycycline. I know according to the lab you need more bands for them to consider it positive, but I would be concerned to delay treatment with more testing. Is that enough to assume I have Lyme and subject myself to 3 weeks of antibiotics?? Thanks so much! The testing for this is so confusing!!
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23 is one of the Lyme-specific bands. You should take probiotics, avoid lots of sugar and alcohol, then reassess after the 3 weeks.
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