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I'm 16 please help me i have an undiagnosed symptoms

Hi i hope someone will reply this.I really need help.This recently i've seeing a doctor because i was having some kind of malaria symptoms. Here are some of the symptoms that I've been affected;
-high fever(39.1)
-i feel cold and shivering
-my body hurts
-i had a headache and feel like i want to faint
-dry cough
After all of this symptoms happened i began to meet the doctor.I told the doctor everything about the symptoms that been affected to me.He ask so many question and ask me about malaria.The doctor said does your house been affected with malaria? I said no.So without further due he give me some fever throat flu antibiotics pill.When back home and eat some of the medicine. I was feeling much better.(this is the 2nd).The next day i woke up with a diarrhea(only once) and a little dizzines.i feel like theres is something wrong with my body. Its feel weird and itchy.i have dry cough and feel like vomiting.and now i can't sleep bcs im too busy focusing the symptoms i got.i already told mom and dad and they said its normal even the doctor didnt diagnosed you something commonly. Im a girl 16 yrs old i have anxiety and panick attack but i am a very active girl.Is it possible i get malaria? Can someone please please answer it.im starting worried.i dont want to die so early.im scared. I can stop thinking. It will be great if someone mighg help me.thanks it means alot to me
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Welcome to MedHelp Lyme --

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.  It is good that you are asking questions and thinking how to feel better.

If you would tell us what country you live in (and what large city you are near), then we can try to help you find a physician.

We will watch for your answer here.    
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Hi im from malaysia and by the following day i got so many symptoms coming such as dizziness and feel like fainting my skin is itchy and the most itchy is at my hand and its red spots and started to get all over my body.I also got stomach ache and its gurgling (mom said its my gastric bcs i didn't eat the whole day) im so worry.
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The names of these Malaysian researchers/physicians may help you find a good doctor/physician:
Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health. 2002 Dec;33(4):787-93.
Borrelia burgdorferi (strain B. afzelii) antibodies among Malaysian blood donors and patients.
Tay ST1, Kamalanathan M, Rohani MY.

In this study, the presence of IgG and IgM antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi (strain B. afzelii) among Malaysian blood donors and patients admitted to hospital with various infectious diseases was determined. Sera were screened using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA); positive sera were then subjected to Western blot testing. All but one of the blood donors were negative for borrelial antibodies. Of 121 patients' sera, IgM antibodies were detected in 24 (19.8%) and IgG antibodies were detected in 5 (4.1%) sera. Only one of two patients with skin manifestations suggestive of Lyme disease had IgM antibody against B. afzelii. Of 30 patients with exposure to tick typhus, 4 (13.3%) were IgM positive and 1 (3.3%) was IgG positive. Based on the detection of antigenic bands by Western blot, 6 patients' sera showed positive reactions. Antigenic bands of p39, p41 and p59/62 kDa were the commonest findings of Western blotting. This study provides serological evidence of B. afzelii infections in Malaysia; further investigation is needed to correlate serological and clinical findings.

PMID:  12757227   [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
And here is another link that may lead you to a Lyme physician in Malaysia:
Please let us know how you do, and if you need more help to find a good physician.  Best wishes to you!  Be strong!
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I just re-read my comment to you above, and I am sorry if it is confusing ... the medical article included above is not something you need to understand in order to find a Lyme specialist who may be better able to help diagnose and treat you, but the article above includes the names of some Lyme specialists you could call to ask for names of Lyme specialists near you, and it also has the lymeinfo.net link, which can be a good place to find recommendations for an MD who understands Lyme disease.
Best wishes to you, and please let us know how it goes for you.  
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