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I'm back!!!

It's been a long time since I posted anything on Lyme forum even though I read others peoples post often!! Well I wish I could say I'm lyme free it's been a 5 plus year struggle but that is not the case! I was doing really well for a while until I got UTI which caused my neurological problems sprial out of control. On a very positive note I went to a very knowledgable LLMD today that is only a 1 1/2 instead of 5 hours away!  We are going to start over with treatment and she is sending all my blood work to  Ingex to re check my numbers to see if there is been any improvement since the last time it was checked! I'm hopefully this time this new DR. will get me back on track ! Here's to some more rounds of cocktail of antibiotics and she wants to get aggressive with IV antibiotics!!! Thanks for reading my post.
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Welcome back! I wish you well with your new Dr.
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Ditto what mojo said!  You go!!  Keep us posted.
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Well my test came back and the numbers are still pretty bad. So this week I'm going to have PIC line and start IV antibotics. I'm little disappointed after 2 years of treatment I'm back to point A. I haven't been antibotics for about a year. My old Dr. Was trying a herbal protocol but really didn't help after my oral antibotic treatments! I'm little neverous what the IV antibotics is going to my neuro system but it's time to get aggresive!  Ok back to work and thanks for your time!!
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Thanks for letting us know -- sorry things are still 'bugging' you (sorry, bad pun, eh), but good for you for plowing ahead.  

Are you confident the current/previous docs tested you for likely co-infections?

Keep us posted --               -->You can do it!<--  
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Well I'm ending my 3 months of IV antibotics . Happy to get my PICC line out its a pain for my lifestyle .. Lol .. Treatment has been ok I did have to get my  gallbladder out ! It was probably already going bad but the iv antibotics destroyed the rest of it! I know it wasn't my diet I eat very clean and keep my self in great physical shape'! Gall bladder attacks are no joke I thought I was having heart attack.. Went to the ER twice only to be told I had gas .. Lol.. Not!! Got a scan of  gall bladder  on a Friday met with sugeron on a Monday and it was take out on Wed. It was super inflamed full slug and stones ! So besides that all is been well starting my next phase treatment!!  Already have a great weekend!!
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Egad!  So sorry about all of that.  Good for you for following your gut instinct (literally!) to keep going to the ER.  (Similar thing happened to me long ago, only it was appendicitis -- almost lost a kidney and nearly died as a result of the damage -- a good lesson for everyone to remember that only each of us knows when we are *really* ill, and to keep plowing ahead till we get answers that make sense and then the necessary treatment.

Sounds like things are going in the right direction now -- so glad for you!  Keep us posted.
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Hoping you might read this.  Our stories are too similar.  I'm needing to start over after some successes and fall backs.  I just moved to louisiana 2 days ago and am DESPERATE to find a good LLMD in a day's drive.   Could you msg me?
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