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I'm sick of lyme

I have been struggling with Lyme for  7yrs! I have been on years of antibiotics, all natural and had picc line for 4 months ( which killed my gall bladder ) you try to kill one thing which destroys another thing! I'm tired people just  don't understand what aweful disease this is ... Same story for years I feel better  then it all comes crashing down!! I wish the medical community would understand how serious Lyme really is ... Sorry I'm ranting someday's it's hard to put on a happy face!!
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Don't apologize for ranting :-( We all need to sometimes.  And if we can't do that here with all the other people that should understand us.... where can we?
I'm in the same boat as you.... feel like it rules my life :-( I'm trying so hard with alternative medicine. ....antibiotics..... exercise. ...no exercise because it puts me back down.... or my entire body into a panic attack once after doing very light cardio for a couple weeks.
Something felt sooooo wrong like my body was dieing.  It was horrible.  I hope you find more good days then bad and just focus on the good days during the bad. *hugs*
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