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Insomnia and lyme disease

Can anyone explain to me how lyme could be affecting my sleep? I would appreciate any ideas on solutions to helping me get a good nights rest.
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This is one of my biggest problems.  I think I would be so much better if I got some sleep.  It's from the neuro lyme.  I really have tried everything there is with no results.  I tried natural first.  Maybe someone else will have an answer but I  do not.  I had to resort to a prescription sleep medication.  I don't take it evey day though.
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I went through a bout of insomnia last spring, before I was diagnosed.  Well, I'm not really sure it was insomnia, but I couldn't sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time, because my symptoms would intensify the longer I was lying down or even just reclining.  (My symptoms have always shown an odd dependence on my posture.)

I'd wake up in unpleasant states, with a lot of sensory symptoms and other discomforts, and then wouldn't be able to get back to sleep for hours more.

A neurologist who I was seeing at the time prescribed Neurontin, which was supposed to help with the neuropathic pain.  A side effect was drowsiness, which actually benefited me and I did start to sleep better after starting this medication.

Though my neuro prescribed it, my regular physician was able to adjust the dose and whatnot for me, so I don't think you need to see a specialist to get this prescription.  

I think Lyrica is the successor to Neurontin.  I tried that medication for about a month, but the side effects made me very loopy and dizzy.

Now that I am diagnosed with Lyme and co. and taking antibiotics, I no longer take the Neurontin or Lyrica as I want to be able to track how my symptoms are doing.

It might not work for others as it did for me, just sharing that it did help me to sleep more continuously and toned down some of the tingling/burning sensations.
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Thanks, I was kinda afraid that there wouldn't be any real solutions, except actually getting to the root cause and eliminating that. Thanks, if I come across anything, I'll let you all know about it.
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For me the insomnia goes through waves. I never sleep the whole night through, but it waxes and wanes where I wake up every couple hours.  Not fun dujring this time.

Needless to say, I follow all of the usual recommendations about how to get good sleep, which helps somewhat.  Of all of the sleep recommendations, I think the most important one is to concentrate on relaxation technique in bed to avoid getting the mind thinking as well as not thinking frustrated thoughts about the lack of sleep. It's tough when I'm tinngling since it makes it hard to be comfortable.

I'm taking Gabapentin (Neurontin) which also helps at least to fall asleep. I wish it would keep me asleep. Sleep is important for pain reduction, so important to do what you can to get it.
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be aware as to when you are taking your meds and vitamins.  for me I take my doxy earlier in the evening and also cut out COQ-10 which by elimination found that was causing sleep issues in addition to the lyme disease itself.  I think Magnesium is another vitamin that can cause sleep disturbances, dont quote me on that one.  Cutting out caffeine and sugar for lyme was also helpful.  I still have those nights, but not so frequently. check with your dr it could be a simple vitamin or timing of your meds could be the difference.  Good luck hope this helps!
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Wonko and Jason:
I may talk to my doctor about Neurontin. I also go out and in all night, if I get to sleep before five or so in the morning. Not fun, totally disrupts your life.

I've tried doing the relaxation things, where you tense your muscles individualy starting at your feet hold and then release, going all the way up your body, while making your exhalations longer than inhalations. Sometimes, this works. My sleep goes in cycles, also, it's so unpredictable.

I've tried a relaxation tape that is suppose to put you deep into delta, I just end up humming along with music. haa, drives my husband crazy. Sometimes the relaxation method really works.

Deligirl: Funny you said that about magnesium, because I take mine at night. I'll try taking it early morning.  Thanks everyone. Be well.
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In my case, my doctor suspects that I have high cortisol at night. He ran some adrenal tests (still waiting on them) and suggested a supplement called PS-100 (phosphatidylserine). I take 2 of them 2 hours before bed and it will lower cortisol levels if they are high. If cortisol is normal, then it won't lower it.

PS is an essential fatty acid present in our brains.
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thanks kitty , I'll write that down and talk with my doc about it. Best.
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