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I have a rash that developed from a tick bite. I am pretty sure it’s Lyme with my other symptoms. This probably an absurd question but I was wondering if something like this is covered on my insurance if I didn’t treat it? Not medical insurance but life and disability? I have not been to the doctor.
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I  think you could be denied disability for refusing treatment but I'm no insurance expert. I would get the advice of an insurance person.
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Ok. So it sounds like if I get diagnosed with it, for the record, and don’t seek treatment, I wouldn’t be covered. Is that a far assessment?
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I believe they would cover you if you were disabled due to this or died.  If you did not get treatment then there is no record you have it.  Why would you not get treatment?  Lyme can be treated if caught early.  Late-stage is a bad thing.
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Thanks for the comments. Yeah it's rather dishearten to know that your medical records are an open book to insurance companies and they label/code your health. Makes me not want to go to the doctor and tarnish my record especially if the doctor takes an aggressive approach to a condition that my not be a major one. Or if there is bad information on file, can it be erased?

Where you referring to all insurance or medical? I was thinking more along the lines of disability and life. Would they cover me if I didn’t seek treatment for the disease?

Good luck with your writing.
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I believe all medical claims have to be covered by the insurer if the problem is not a pre-existing one, there are list of what types of health problems are considered "pre-existing" many aliments do not classifiy as preexixting such as allergies. I have been doing a lot of research on health insurane lately, since I am switching from a student (group) health insurance plan to a private (group) plan.

One thing I found out, is that all of your medical records are an open book to any medical insurance company.

If you have a pre-existing condition such as a back injury, cancer, or other, go with the group medical insurnace, it is regulated so that they have to accept any illness no matter what the pre-existing condition is. (don't quote me). There may be some variations with group plans.

Sorry to sway off the topic here, I just felt the urge to relay the info I learned recently. In hopes of helping people with chronic conditions, still be able to have their health maintained.

PS. I also am thinking that I have Lyme from a tic(s) bites. been out in the woods where I got several tic bites and then home to find one eating away on my forehead :( I am so sick right now, i can't eat. Feels like hunger pains, but when I go to eat I get sick. It *****! Still waiting on my test results, will see if it shows anything.

I am allergic to the aresole sprays used to keep off flying insects, so I am not sure how eles I can go outdoors and enjoy nature without the worry of getting bit again.

Hope I was able to help somewhat.

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