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Intense heart pain

Does anyone here have intense heart and chest pain in addition to tightness the entire day? These symptoms started out of nowhere these past two weeks and exponentially gotten so bad that I'm rendered nearly disabled the entire day. I'm only 20 years old and have no family history of anything other than high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes, both of which occurred exclusively in one individual.
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I forgot to add that drinking fruit smoothies and CoQ10 is the only thing that does anything, and that it doesn't last.
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dear ksdmdmd,

the intense heart & chest pain was one of my first symptoms that started about 5 years ago.  it got so bad on two separate occasions that i went to the ER.  unlike you, my mother had her first heart attack at 46, so the possibility of it being cardiac-related for me wasn't too far fetched.  of course, nothing showed up on any of the tests.  it comes and goes now, but without the intensity at first onset.

i do not have a conclusive lyme dx at present, but i am undergoing treatment.

i was taking coQ10 for a while, but it didn't seem to have much impact.  perhaps it's time to reintroduce it.

best wishes to you,
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What does your doc say, and is s/he aware of what is going on?  

When I was first ill, I was having heart irregularities and thought I was having a heart attack -- two trips to the ER in 3 three days, and the docs had no idea.

Better safe than sorry when it concerns your heart, so don't be a hero.  Call your doc or go to the urgent care/ER.  Cardiac symptoms are something only a doc can parse.

IF it's Lyme-related, it may be that Lyme is lowering your magesium levels, and your muscles (including your heart) need magnesium to communicate to each other when to contract/beat.  That turned out to be what was wrong with me, and after I got an IV with magnesium and other electrolytes, I felt so good that I (foolishly) walked home a couple of miles, uphill, from the ER.  

Don't.  Be.  A.  Hero.  Take care of yourself -- Lyme looks like a lot of other things sometimes, and when those other things are potentially serious, it's time to let the docs take a look.  Not trying to scare you, but want you to take care of yourself.

Let us know how you do, okay?
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My symptoms are Lyme-related and I doubt my magnesium levels are low if I supplement 1x/300mg elemental magnesium daily as well as drink two fruit smoothies, intake lots of vegetables, and add a multivitamin.

I'm also very tired of doctors and have no idea what you mean by not being a hero as it applies to this.

I want a cigar and I want this damn life to be over already.
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I don't know how elemental Mg correlates to the Mg supplements I take, but I normally take 400mg and sometimes take 600mg.  

Lyme bacteria use Mg in their reproductive cycle, lowering the intracellular levels to keep the blood levels constant.  The result can be muscle aches and cramps along with mental and mood symptoms.

'Don't be a hero' means don't risk a serious event by downplaying your symptoms.  
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