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Is it likely I have something like lyme disease?

My health anxiety is getting to me, gp office closed due to bank holiday, so unsure whether it's worth going to a&e.
I feel worried I may have lyme disease after reading online.
Yesterday I found a tick in the most embarrassing part, the scrotum.
The swelling has gone today and I can't hardly see the cut where I pulled it out.
Not sure how long it's been there, but I been feeling like I have a cold since last Friday, and had been working on a farm helping with shearing sheep last Wednesday.

My nose is slightly itchy, like sore, mild headache always feeling tired, despite having enough sleep, like I picked up a cold or something. Sometimes I feel faintish or lightheaded and my eyes feel hot and blurry.
Does lyme do this?

No rash where the bite is, it's still sore and dark where I placed anti septic dettol.
Sorry this sounds ridiculous, but is it worth a trip to a&e?
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