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Is the Test Right or do I have Lymes Disease

I had been feeling tired and run down and dizzy for about a week.  I am generally a fairly active person but suddenly I was starting to feel exhausted, dizzy, and weak (muscles) by noonish.  I was also having a tooth issue at the time (crown broke and I believe the tooth became infected).  At first, I assumed that infection was causing my problems, but that has since been resolved and my symptoms continued.  However, I will say that there are some days that I feel better than others - some days I don't feel nearly as exhausted as others.  Anyway, after about a week of these symptoms, one night I felt especially poor so I went to the ER.  Doctor ran typical tests and ran the following (pasted below) Lyme Test.  Although he was able to get most of the results back immediately, he did not get the Lyme results back, so after looking at the other tests, he told me I was in great health and sent me on my way.  He did say it could be Lymes or even MS but he doubted it and IF my Lyme Test came back positive he would contact me.  My symptoms have continued for another 2ish weeks.  My Lyme Test just recently posted online for me to see, but the ER doctor never called to explain as the test states that I am negative.  As seen below, everything was absent except for (Lyme 23 kD IgM - Present), which, after some research, is very concerning. Should I have another test run?  Should I start seeking a LLMD?  I have a doctors appointment with a new family doctor (not my "normal" family doctor since she recently retired) scheduled for August 2 (5 days from now).  Any advice is appreciated. I've felt pretty poorly for about 3 weeks and just want to get better. Thank you in advance.

Lyme 18 kD IgG    Absent  
Lyme 23 kD IgG    Absent  
Lyme 28 kD IgG      Absent  
Lyme 30 kD IgG Absent  
Lyme 39 kD IgG Absent  
Lyme 41 kD IgG Absent  
Lyme 45 kD IgG Absent  
Lyme 58 kD IgG Absent  
Lyme 66 kD IgG Absent  
Lyme 93 kD IgG Absent  
Lyme 23 kD IgM Present   A
Lyme 39 kD IgM Absent  
Lyme 41 kD IgM Absent  

Lyme IgG WB Interp. Negative  
Positive: 5 of the following
Borrelia-specific bands:
66, and 93.
Negative: No bands or banding
patterns which do not
meet positive criteria.
Lyme IgM WB Interp. Negative  
Note: An equivocal or positive EIA result followed by a negative
Western Blot result is considered NEGATIVE. An equivocal or positive
EIA result followed by a positive Western Blot is considered POSITIVE
by the CDC.
Positive: 2 of the following bands: 23,39 or 41
Negative: No bands or banding patterns which do not meet positive
Criteria for positivity are those recommended by CDC/ASTPHLD.
p23=Osp C, p41=flagellin
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