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LLMD put me on Septra for Bart-scared

Soo I am gonna post a pic of my meds again like yesterday but in place of Rifampin, she is putting me on Septra(like Bactrim..its a sulfa) anyway please let me know if anyone has had experiences with this drug. And if u think this will be a good combo. I trust my LLD. And will do anything to get better. I am prepared for even bigger herx once I add the septra.. I am on everything except the Cefidinir(Omnicef) bc she is adding that after we add the Septra and sees if it is well tolerated. (and obviously the rifampin did not work out)
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Its a good combo. I am allergic to sulfa so I was on rifampin.
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I see one of the side effects are lowed white blood cells and right now mine are 2.9. Idk why theyre so low. Prob the lyme..? I am not used to have a LOW white count..mine is usually so high
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I'm allergic to sulfa, too, so I am on Rifampin.  It didn't seem to help as much as the Levaquin the first time around, but this time I'm on a higher dose. I assume I'll be on it a long time.

For me, Omnicef was almost useless. Within a month, my Lyme symptoms were getting worse.  It's odd because Rocephin is helping a lot, and they're in the same drug family.  Go figure.  Omnicef is really helpful for some people, so don't be discouraged by my experience.  

Different people process drugs differently, and what works for one doesn't always work for another.  In my case, my metabolism has been all over the place, and there have been times I haven't metabolized a drug as expected.  I'm sure that has something to do with effectiveness.

Hopefully this protocol makes a big difference for you!

P.S.  Diflucan is hard on the liver.  My doc would only give me 10 days in a row, and then I could take only 1 every 3 days.  I have found that the supplement Yeast Cleanse is very effective at holding the yeast at bay without the harshness of the prescription remedies. It's the only approved anti-yeast supplement I've tried that really works.
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I agree with Ricobord to take the yeast cleanse since you can't be on diflucan too long.

About your white blood count, I have heard from others that Lyme does make it go very low.
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