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Low Dose Immunotherapy

Anyone heard of low dose immunotherapy for treating lyme and co-infections? Specialty Natural Medicine in WA state offers this treatment for lyme. A detailed description is on their website. It's supposed to divert your immune system away from the bacteria. The thinking is that your body's immune response to the bacteria is what is causing your symptoms and that it is fighting a losing battle. It's a new treatment they say it has great success. It's pretty much the opposite of how we have been fighting the disease. However, I'm leary of essentially turning off my immune system towards the bacteria. Anyone try this with success?
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If Lyme were an auto-immune disease (in which the body is attacking itself instead of the Lyme bacteria), then the suggested approach might work ... but, as you note, Lyme is a bacterial infection and not an auto-immune disease.  Suppressing the immune system would seem to give the bacteria room to run, so I agree with your comments.  Please post if you find any additional commentary -- and thanks for noting this.
I'm doing this treatment for Lyme and Babesia Duncani. My understanding was it was turning my immune system on to kill the bacteria and parasites? Is this not what's going on? I'm  feeling much better although its been a year long treatment.
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A friend of mine is doing this treatment. It is too early to see results but she is convinced it will work for her. I hope do.
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That's interesting your friend is doing low dose immunotherapy. Please let me know if it works for her.
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I will
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I spoke to my friend briefly abut the immuno therapy. She said she is not doing very well because they can't seem to find her correct doseage.
If I hear more I will keep you updated.
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I'm hearing great things about this treatment for Lyme disease! The thinking is that Lyme puts one's body into an autoimmune response. My LLND is now treating with it and having amazing results. I'm going to try this myself, starting the end of this month. Dr. Ty Vincent has some videos on Youtube about it.
It's important to start low-dose to AVOID a herx with this treatment. It can be given orally or by subcutaneous injections and is very affordable.
Here is a bit more info on it. Based on all the reading that I've done on this subject, people are having very positive results.
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If you do this therapy, I would love to know how it goes. Good luck with it!
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I see my LLND next week and she requires a month for me to "prep" prior to starting the LDI. Not sure what that involves yet (perhaps coming off of antimicrobials first). I get my first dose of LDI beginning of July. I'll try and remember to post back on here afterwards. I think the first 2 treatments one can expect slight flares of symptoms and then they're supposed to stabilize, and then totally subside.....
Thanks so much for the good luck wishes. :)
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FB started a group on this. Most of the people in the group Skype with the Dr who invented it from Alaska and he sends the shots.

It's not meant to kill the lyme and co's but to increase your immune system to fight it. I don't have the money right now ($600) to start or I would try it.

It had already been done for autoimmune disorders and seems to work. The group members speak highly of the new energy they get. There are naturopaths that do it too.  FL doesn't have any which is unfortunate for me.
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Hello, I am trying LDI on Sept 3, has anyone had positive results?
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I start LDI on Sept 3rd...I pray it works- i have Chronic Lyme Disease and Co infections
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Something I don't understand about low-dose immunotherapy in regard to Lyme disease:  to my understanding, Lyme disease already suppresses the human immune system.  

How would gently encouraging one's immune system (through low dose treatment) be sufficient to ramp up the body's immune system to kill the Lyme?  

Would someone explain or send me to materials on that point?  Thanks --
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