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Lyme Depression

Hi Guys,

Seems like I've been hit really hard with depression especially in the morning lately. This wednesday will be 2 weeks since I started my treatment and needless to say... it has be a roller-coaster for me. I have felt SO horrible and like I am literally loosing my mind. Before I was dx with Lyme one of the many doctors I saw prescribed me Zoloft for the Anxiety/Depression that I have been experiencing lately. Mind you I have NEVER had any of these problems in my life until I became ill. Anyways, I never started that antidepressants about three weeks ago and stopped after 3 days because they made me SOO out of it. NOW that I have my Lyme dx I understand why I am having this depression and anxiety. I realize that this infection causes many of these problems. However, my question is, what have you found to be helpful for relieving the depression and anxiety? I really do not want to add more TOXIC meds to my body right now. I also wonder if all of my treatment is really aggravating this. Hope someone can help!


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Depression and anxiety are not uncommon in Lyme ... I too feel worse in the mornings, and have for quite a while.  Sometimes I'm fine, but it usually takes me till at least noon to shake the gloom, and sometimes longer.

I would suggest that you check with your LLMD before taking the Zoloft the earlier MD prescribed for you.  Lyme is tricky to deal with, and your LLMD should have oversight of everything you are taking to ensure the interactions are accounted for and minimized.

Some people find exercise helpful in lifting the mood -- some need vigorous exercise, others need gentle activity like walking not too fast -- it all depends on what your body can handle and it may vary over time.  

Try also Epsom salt baths, which can help for a number of reasons.  Epsom salts are magnesium, which I read is easily depleted in Lyme, and affects mood.  I take daily (oral) magnesium supplements and feel much better for it both physically and mentally/emotionally.

Vitamins and supplements generally can be helpful, and there are lots of different approaches which you may wish to try slowly but without overwhelming your body.

You may be Herxing from the treatment, and you will likely start feeling better in a few days, tho sometimes the Herxes seem to go on longer:  everyone is different, and different at different times.

Check in with your LLMD for his/her suggestions -- it's important that they know how you are or are not tolerating the treatment.

Hang in there -- we've all been there one way or another.
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excuse my lyme brain... I meant to say that I started the antidep about three weeks ago and then had to stop.
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Like me you've had a lot to take in being newly dx'ed with all this and like you I became totally OVERWHELMED by all this! The more I would read the worse I got.
Last Monday I called Linda at MLDA and she was able to pull me out of it! I would read get overwhelmed take a nerve pill read some more and feel totally hopeless!
Since I talked to Linda I've been fine and know I CAN do this and WILL do this and there is life after this DX!!!  

Linda, also has a MI support group on yahoo... check it out if your interested? That one call to Linda really helped me turn my fears around. ((HUGS))
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