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Lyme Diet

I am having a problem with following any type  of diet...Not sure what to eat. I pretty much eat whatever I want eventhough I know I have to change that.

Can anyone give me a briefing on what you eat? Do you have to eat all organic? What type of sugar, is equal ok?, Do I reallyy have to give up coffee???

I don't like this part at all!! Does anyone have a basic quick list to refer to for me?? I have been searching and so far everything I have to buy,,, funds are not that great right now, so I am trying to get my hands on some kind of quick list without having to buy a book. Thanks guys so much!!

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Try just googling --

lyme diet

-- there are lots of links to websites, tho of course you have to wear your skeptical hat when reading them.

One of the hits I got from that search was Dr Ken Singleton's website, so there are some docs out there who address the issue.  

I think some people w Lyme have more digestive system symptoms than others, and I got lucky that way, I don't have particular issues ... but I did get a really bad systemic yeast infection a while back and so stripped down my diet to get rid of most prepared foods, and I find that by eating a very clean diet (mostly fresh foods), I feel much much better than before, but hard to draw absolute cause and effect.  I skip dairy and wheat, but that is just me.  Fruit, but no refined sugar at all.  Everybody's different, tho.
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I had my diet so cut down that I was losing too much weight. I dropped 30 pounds in three months and didn't look well.

It is also because I was having such intense nausea and digestive issues...likely from the doxy.

My doctor mandates a yeast free and sugar free diet.  My naturopath said no wheat and dairy...I really try to limit it the best I can. Sometimes when I am starvin Marvin, I have a wrap sandwich or something with wheat.  

I now see how addicted to sugar that I was.  It was a risk -benefit thing for me.  I want my health back so badly that I am willing to give stuff up...it wasn't so bad once I made the commitment.  

For bread you can get Ezekiel bread...you buy it frozen, it is wheat free and just a tiny bit of yeast.  

When my stomach is good, I drink black coffee.  

I love coffee. :)

So her is a list of the things I eat...

sugar free oatmeal with honey
ezekiel bread
almond butter
rice crackers
rice chips
rice wraps
fruits veggie...organic if I can afford it
lots of nuts
salad with lemon and oil

No vinager stuff..pickles, olives
No soy sauce

It was tricky at first, but I am getting better at it. I find I buy more expensive health food.store food...but less of it.  

There are lots of healthy alternatives...there is pop sweetened with stevia (totally natural) tastes great, xylitol gum

Little steps at a time work...a health food store has awesome alternatives to things you love.  I know it is expensive, you just have to buy less of it.

Good luck!
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Also, I am learning to alter recipes.  Honey makes a great sweetener...
You have to watch out for hidden sugars in bbq sauce ketchup...

It is tough, but I feel better about myself in general.  I was a foodie...ok I loved to pig out. ... I feel better about myself because I am disciplined for the first time. Trust me..if I can do it, you can do it.
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Well said, Ness.  Your diet sounds a lot like what I eat too.

Have you tried quinoa (KEEN-wah)?  It's a seed that is grain-like -- zero wheat!  I like it esp. bec. it has all the seven essential amino acids the body can't make, and my hair and skin are much improved when I eat quinoa a couple times a week.

Whole Foods has quinoa, and other stores too -- I often shop at Safeway, which has a lot of good stuff for better prices than Whole Foods.  Safeway's vegetables seem to be several days older than veggies elsewhere, so I usually go to a local grocery a couple times a week to stock up on fresh veg and fruit.  The price isn't much different, but the quality is.

Right now, I'm dribbling dinner on my keyboard:  red rice, olive oil, sea salt, garbanzo beans (=chick peas) and frozen peas.  It provides a complete protein bec. of the combo of rice and beans.    

I also eat an egg just about every day, and fish (either canned or fresh) a couple times a week usually too.  I eat all I want, and I have lost all the extra weight I gained when I was so sick ... now I'm back to what I used to weigh.
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hi there,

here are $.02 from the peanut gallery:

when i asked the new LLND i'm working with about the best dietary approach i should take, he said the paleo diet is the best way to go, with brown rice and quinoa being the only grains i should be eating.  basically very low fat/lean meat & fish with lots of allergies.  i have a sensitivity to eggs according to the food allergy panel he ran, so i'm avoiding them which is very difficult.

blessings to you.

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he also said sugar feeds the bugs and to avoid it as much as possible--even limiting high sugar fruits such as bananas and mango to one or two a week.  for me, this has been very challenging as i am a sugar junkie.

it has also been revealed that i carry a genotype showing multi-sensitivity to toxins so he stressed the importance of eating organic and being *very* careful with my fish selection.  

take good care.
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