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Lyme Disease and Low Testosterone

I am 25 year old male and have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease about 3 months ago. After 2-3 years of seeing doctors I finally found out what was causing my symptoms. Along with my symptoms my doctor said that I have abnormally low test levels (300-350) for my age and activity level.  I love working out and weight lifting but I just don't see gains anymore and when I stop I lose muscle pretty fast. Along with that I have low libido and no sex drive. My question is, will my testosterone levels return after treatment is over?

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Welcome to MedHelp Lyme --

This is a good question, and one that your Lyme doc might well have data on.  Lyme definitely messes with the endocrine system, including hormonal levels, so it would not surprise me that testosterone could be affected too.

i just googled  -- lyme disease testosterone -- and got over a million hits.  The few I looked at seem to indicate that once Lyme is fully treated, all things endocrine (therefore including testosterone) would return to normal.  

Others here may have more data -- what does your Lyme doc say?
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Well I can tell you the female version is yes it messes with our hormones and thyroid so I am not at all surprised it would affect testosterone. I have heard from some that finished treatment it all went back to normal. Jackie, didn't your thyroid go back to normal after treatment?
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Gotta say, there's nothing wrong with your memory, mojo, no matter how much the rest of you is ailing!  :)

Yes, indeed, my LLMD put me on thyroid supplements (the artificial kind, not the ground up animal thyroid kind, tho some docs prefer that as more natural), and I wasn't on the supps for very long, maybe a few months, as my treatment for Lyme was progressing.  

All of a sudden, I was jittery all the time, and one night I couldn't go to sleep pretty much all night, and I had trouble sleeping for several nights before that -- and I ALWAYS sleep well.  

I had such a bad case of the jitters that I stopped taking the thyroid supps without asking the doc, and I did fine ... the only explanation I had was that my thyroid woke up and got to work again.  It happened so fast I was amazed ... like 0 to 60 in 30 seconds.  Vroom.  

Would have been better to call the doc and/or to taper off the meds, but I was pretty far out there at the time.  I did okay to stop cold turkey, tho I don't recommend it.  I think it was a coincidence that I started the thyroid meds when my body was finally waking up after Lyme treatement ... dunno for sure.  And I'm fine still, now several years later.

Dang, mojo, you've got quite a memory.  Would you happen to know where I put my car keys?  ;)
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Just don't ask me what I ate yesterday, lol

Darn Lyme brain. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
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I am female and I also had hormonal imbalance and loss of libido with Lyme.  Both improved greatly with treatment.
I know this is a long time ago, but Im going to ask it anyway. How long were you  in treatment when you improved?
I know this is a long time ago, but Im going to ask it anyway. How long were you  in treatment when you improved?
I am female and my situation is a little strange. I have a lot of symptoms. The most bothersome is severe leg weakness. I did some reading and discovered that leg weakness could be caused by low testosterone. I had blood work done and had requested a test of testosterone. I went for a neurologist visit today for an EMG to find out why my legs get so weak. After the test he told me that he was pretty sure I have Lyme disease. He had seen on my record that I had tested positive for Lyme a year ago and was treated with doxycycline for a month and that was that. My neurologist think my symptom are all related to Lyme disease. I never did find out what my T score was, but most likely it was below normal. Now I have to see my regular doctor to see what she can do for me.
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Thanks for all the responses guys! My lyme doc said she has not had experience with any of her patients having low testosterone. From my research it seems that jackie is correct with her google search.  My next question is how long on treatment until I see improvements in this area?
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I saw improvement in my hormone levels within several months, but then everyone is different.  The improvement curve is not a straight line.
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My 25-year-old has been battling chronic neuro Lyme for years.  Last year, his testosterone levels were the same as an 80 - 90 year old man.  This year after receiving about eleven hyperbaric therapies (HBOT) via hard case mono unit he is now in the normal range.  He also take nutritional IV infusions twice weekly, and about a dozen prescriptions, which mainly include antibiotics, anti-fungal, anti=seizure, a sleeping pill,...
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