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Lyme Disease in the news

I don't have Lyme Disease myself, but I've known several who do, and the other day I was talking to my mother about just how devastating some of the symptoms can be.  As it turns out, she had recently seen a story about Lyme Disease on television.  I immediately thought of MedHelp's Lyme Disease Community, and wanted to share the information in case it would be helpful to someone.

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Thank you kindly for this information.  Sometimes the bots or the mods come through and wipe out messages with links in them, and if that happens I will try to reword so it doesn't violate whatever the rules are.

This series of videos would be especially useful for those just beginning to wade into the wide, not-so-wonderful world of Lyme+.  There is one confusing aspect to the vids:  there is no narrator to explain what side the various talking heads are on in the Lyme controversy, and it is not always obvious from their comments.  Hint:  the guy in the than plaid shirt is on the side of the CDC and IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America), who believe that 'Lyme is hard to get and easy to cure'.  The other speakers tend to be the dissenters like me and many others here.

For those who have had Lyme for a while and have learned the basics already, the videos (which last about a half hour in total) might not tell you anything new...except the warning that June is the biggest month for baby ticks, who are the most vicious ones.  Tuck in the pant legs, used DEET- or Picaridin-containing repellants, and check yourself for ticks, tho they are so tiny as to be nearly impossible to see.  

On that note, happy Spring!
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sorry, that should be 'tan plaid shirt' not 'than plaid shirt'.  Duh.
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