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Lyme Literate Doctor around Northern Virginia

Can anyone recommend a LLD around Northern Virginia? I'm currently being seen by an infectious diseases doctor, but she is on the fence when it comes to treating Lymes. She doesn't believe in some of the treatments accepted by most LLDs. She is giving me Rosephin now, but will probably only give it to me for a total of 8 weeks. I'm also on Vancomiacin (sp) to treat an additional infection I got from the Picc line ( I read this is good for treating Lyme's as well??). My fear is that the Lymes won't be completely gone after 8 weeks and she will not give me additional treatment, so I would like to see a LLD.

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Welcome to MedHelp. You can try ilads. org for a LLMD.  Actually the 8 weeks of Rocephin is pretty significant treatment for lyme.  I have read Vancomycin also works very well for lyme but blood levels have to be monitored so it is more difficult.  It sounds like your doctor is doing a good job treating you IMO.  A second opinion with a LLMD never hurts though.
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Treatment requirements seem to show a lot of variation from person to person, though it is good that your doctor has been so helpful.  I sent you a PM with doctors in the DC area, in case you are willing/able to travel that far.
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I was diagnosed with Lyme earlier this summer.  I have laready gone 28 days on docyc and my titeras are still high for active lyme.  Today I'm starting another antibiotic treatment.  My primary docotor is working with an infectious desease specialist, but I really want to see a LLMD.  I'm very worried about this thing takingover my life.  My daughter is two and deserves a mommy who can run and play wit her.  If you know of any LLMD in the DC area I would really apprecitate it.
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Hi can anyone recomend some LLMD s in the Md, D.C, Va area.
I just had a baby 5 mo ago and I can barely move. My rheumatologist swears I don't have lyme, just arthritis. please help.

thank you
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Here are some places to find referrals:

lymediseaseassociation [dot] org -- this is recommended as a source by ILADS, the main association of Lyme MDs.

truthaboutlymedisease [dot] com

lymenet [dot] org

chroniclymedisease [cot] com

or google/search "LLMD Detroit" or "LLMD Virginia" or whatever your geographic area is.  Try several different search approaches, and if you don't get a good feeling about one, try another ... just like with any doc.

If it's any comfort, rheumatologists are well known for not understanding Lyme.  Also infectious disease MDs, but there are probably exceptions to that rule.  It all depends on the individual doc.

Best wishes to you -- let us know how you do, okay?  Take care.
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Hi sabrina2010, I sent you a list that is hopefully up-to-date through MedHelp private message.
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