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Lyme Results: Band 23 and 41 IGM POSITIVE

Thank you for offering a platform for discussion.

I tested negative on the Lyme WB at Labcorp on June 12, but positive on two bands IGM: IGM 23 AND IGM 41. All IGG were NEGATIVE.

I have got tested for HIV, Hep C, HSV2, Clymadia, Gonorrehea and Syphillis (using RPR) and tested negative.

I have these symptions ON AND OFF from last 4 months: Abdominal Pain (mostly in Upper Abdomen), Fatigue, Non-Specific Urethritis, Headache, Leg pains and Loose and Foamy/Scattered Stools.

Coming back to tests, please comment on the following:

1. Band 41 (Flagellum) in Lyme WB is common for many diseases - Can it be related to other Flagellum like H.pylori and E.coli?
2. Is Band 23 specific to Lyme? Are there any other diseases that can be related to a Positive Band 23?
3. Would you recommend any other Lab Tests OR Any possible diseases i can relate to these tests, as, only IGM is positive and i have symptoms from last 3-4 months.

Thank you,
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this is similar to the results of mine....41 is present in both and 23 is present in IgM band. My doctor seems to think this is Lyme...I have no recollection of a tick bite or rash and I am not outside often... but she says it still happens and isn't uncommon that they will bite you and fall off, without a rash. I haven't been feeling myself for the past month so I understand. The tests I believe cost a lot of money. Talk to your doctor about antibiotics (thats what I am doing) taking Doxycycline 100mg twice a day and I am going to go 4 another test after that and see what happens. The medicine won't hurt you and treats other bacterias as well it is also good for acne I have heard.
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I'm far from an expert on understanding the test results.  Here is a link to a post by another member, SOONERMOM, and her doctor's explanation of some details of the Western blot:


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Thought I would add:

I was tested for everything under the sun, twice.  My ELISA was negative on a couple of occasions.  My Igenex results were IgG 39+ 41+++, IgM 41+.  I went over 1.5 years with obvious symptoms before getting diagnosed.  I've been on antibiotics 6+ months and am starting to get better after being practically disabled.

I was never a CDC positive case.
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Welcome.  Band 23 is a significant band.  41 is non-specific as you stated.  The link that wonko posted explains the western blot very well.

Considering you live in a lyme endemic state you may want to see a lyme literate MD and get a western blot done through Igenex labs.
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This is very tricky and i noticed that a very experienced doctor is also surprised and confused with the lab results. Please share your experiences and please answer my questions, if possible:

1. Band 41 (Flagellum) in Lyme WB is commonCommon cold for many diseases - Can it be related to other Flagellum like H.pylori and E.coli?
2. Is Band 23 specific to Lyme? Are there any other diseases that can be related to a Positive Band 23?
3. Would you recommend any other Lab Tests OR Any possible diseases i can relate to these tests, as, only IGM is positive and i have symptoms from last 3-4 months.

Any information/suggesstions will be appreciated by many sufferers.

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Its quite possible that its some other disease, or a band closely related to some other disease. Please help and share your experiences.
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what has your doctor said? did he or she put u on a medicine to clear or try and clear up the Lyme if you have it? Talk to your doctor about medicines...I am scared about my results too so I totally understand. My doctor took action and put me on Doxycycline for a month and I am going to get re-tested on July 10th. Talk to him or her about medicines and what they think...whats their opinion? maybe you should try it? for a month or so? If you are very worried get a few opinions...goodluck.
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I would like to see what everyone else has to say since my results seem veryyyyy similar to yours....
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see mine were band 23 was positive IgM and band 41 was positive in both IgM and IgG. and this too was through the Western Blot. I am very scared/worried too... I hope this is right and that this test is reliable and the results are reliable... I would also like to ask that same question can 23 be something else? is any way shape or for? or is it strictly Lyme? I am so confused too. I understand...
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You say 23 is significant band...even if its only an IgM band? what is the difference between the IgM and IgG bands?
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Your symptoms and test results are different than mine, but since Lyme has so many ways of presenting and so much variation from person to person, that doesn't mean very much.  Here are a few thought and questions:

IgM antibodies for Lyme diseaes appear in the blood earlier than IgG antibodies.  I'm not sure on the quantitative times for each, but that could be why you show only IgM bands at ~4 months into symptoms.  You may have stated it and I just missed it, but did you also have an ELISA test?  The ELISA usually is done before the Western blot.

What lab did your Western blot?  Quest and LapCorp are the most common labs associated with insurance companies.  There are also specialty labs dedicated to testing for Lyme and tick-borne infection (TBI).  A major such lab is Igenex.  Many doctors who specialize in Lyme disease use Igenex.

No matter what lab is used, the blood tests are not reliable enough to clearly diagnose all patients.  Many rely on clinical diagnosis based on symptoms, history, and the ruling out of all other conditions.  Have you had other tests to look for other possible causes of your illness?  Has your doctor discussed with you what else s/he is considering?  

Do you recall a tick bite, or did you have a bull's eye rash?  I had neither, and have read that up to 40% of patients don't recall the bite.  But of course if you do, it's an important clue.

The medical community is strongly polarized on Lyme disease, from the testing, diagnosis, to treatment.  You must be aware of this, and how it may influence your ability to get a diagnosis and proper treatment.  That is why patsy10 mentioned an LLMD or "Lyme literate" physician.  This is a patient descriptor, not an accreditation.  If you seek out an LLMD, I'd suggest looking for one that has ILADS affiliation.  

We're here to try and help answer questions, as it is very murky to navigate this.  Other resources that may help you at this stage are the ILADS website, the book "Cure Unknown" by P. Weintraub, and the documentary (currently in select theaters) "Under Our Skin."  All have informative websites that you can easily find.

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I know your response was to scottmurphy but that helped...could or would you be able to also answer my question about band 23 being significant?
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