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Lyme blindness?

Another new symptom that was so scary came to me this weekend.
I was reading my emails on the pc and all of a sudden everything became very blurry to the point that I couldn't read. I then tried looking at the TV, same thing. I them must have fallen right to sleep, or passed out because when I woke up, i noticed 3 people had caled me (my ring is very loud, am usually a light sleeper and would have heard it) but when I did wake up then, everything was fine with my sight. I was told on one website it was  called Lyme Blindness.
Has anyone here experienced and if yes, what happened and did it recycle?
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This is not something I've experienced, but my eye doc takes Lyme very seriously.  After I had been diagnosed, I went in for a regular exam (he is an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist or optician) and I almost didn't mention Lyme, knowing the reaction most docs have when you tell them.  But I told him, and he was very interested and I was glad I told him, because he takes it seriously.  

So it can't hurt to get your eyes checked reasonably soon, preferably by an ophthalmologist (an MD specializing in eyes).
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Colloquially speaking, Lyme loves the eyes!  (That is, from reading patient experiences and taking into consideration my own ordeal, it seems that many patients deal with symptoms that affect vision).

JackieCalifornia is wise to distinguish ophthalmologist vs. optometrist.  The former is who you should see to check your eyes, an MD specializing in eyes.  Personally, when I had concerns that my vision was at risk, I sought out an opthalmologist as soon as possible, because as with most medical issues, the sooner a problem is detected/treated, the better the prognosis.  So that is the first piece of advice I would give.

In response to your question if others have experiences like what you described, check yes for me.  For me, getting too tired or too overheated would result in blurred vision.  I've also had eye pain, mild double vision (where the two images were only split by a small amount), floaters, optical migraines, and phosphenes (flashing lights in peripheral vision that happens when the eyes move).  And while it could be just part of aging, my Rx for near-sightedness in my left eye (which often hurt more and had more visual symptoms) has gotten worse much faster than my right eye.  In the past 2 years it made a dramatic plummet for the worse.  Could be coincidence, but it does make me go "hmmmm."

All of my vision symptoms did repeat and hung around a long time.  In fact, I still experience most of them, though to a lesser degree.

But again, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to get your eyes checked.  In my case my eyes were fine and it was just reversible problems from the infections.  But losing a sense is a big deal, so I'd do whatever you can to rule out other issues!
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I just finished sending a PM to a young fellow, a Gulf War vet who's going through the same thing.  He's being treated by the VA.  They're telling him he has a pinched nerve in his neck from an explosion he was near while serving.  Now really, how can a nerve in your neck effect you vision when the optic nerves are in the lower front of the brain!  I told him what I know about mycoplasmas and Gulf War Syndrome.  Don't know if it'll do any good or not, but I tried.
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Oh yes! I had this really bad a few months after having my first daughter. I also had it after being in a car accident back in 2006 , I was told it was a migraine disorder. After having my 1st daughter I was told I had RA and was getting treated for that and still havig blurry vision. After about 3 months of starting abx it started to go away and never came back. I hope it resolves for you soon.
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Because of the area in the forepart of my brain that was infected, I've seen up and down doubles of reflective signs and lights at night.  Try driving when that's going on.  Also I am a printer, and there was a time I couldn't see part of a printed page.  There were times things were going wrong, and I couldn't see it.  Halos around street lights at night were normal.  Thankfully, all that was 20 years ago.  Since then I've discovered that what I was going through was an encephalopathy caused by the microbes and/or the immune response to them.
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