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Lyme disease info, anyone?

Just to be clear, I don't have lyme disease yet, well, that's what I know. However, it is a growing concern here in Australia. I want to learn more about it, the prevention, symptoms, treatment, etc. I've been doing research on the Internet but I can't find a decent source so far. Where do you get reliable info about the disease? I would appreciate any recommendation.

Thank you!
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It's a Canadian site but has some of the most updated info out there on Lyme/treatment/testing/diagnosis, etc.
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In addition to Jackie's great suggestions there is an Ausralian Lyme disease association. You can google that and then there is the international Lyme disease Association.
Good luck!
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Welcome -- we are glad to share our knowledge and experiences.

As a starter, I would suggest going to the website of ILADS.org, which is a well-known voluntary group for physicians and others who have a particular interest in Lyme disease and other infections the so-called "Lyme ticks" may carry.  

There is a section on the ILADS website called something like' Dr Burrascano's treatment guidelines'.  It is intended for physicians, but is quite accessible for others who are interested in learning about Lyme.  There is also other information available (without charge) on the ILADS website which you may find helpful.

There was a documentary made a few years ago called 'Under Our Skin', which helps explain the split in the US medical community on how serious Lyme is (or is not), how to test for it, how to diagnose it, and how to treat it.  I think the documentary can now be accessed online, perhaps without charge.

There is also a well-written book, 'Under Our Skin', by Pamela Weintraub, available from book stores and online vendors in hardbound and paperback (and perhaps as an e-book).  It tells the whole story of Lyme and what a mess some of the medical community has made of it all.

That is a good 'starter pack' for learning about (and being prepared for) Lyme.  You are welcome to stop in here at any time ---  
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