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Lymie Love in Lake Tahoe?

Hi.  I'm a late-stage Lymie with Bartonella as well as Babesia coinfections since 1999 after being misdiagnosed with typhoid and ring-worm (at the same time??) and was not tested for Lyme (4 positive bars + 2 coinfections) until "crashing" all systems down in 2012.  I've lost everything; my business, family, nearly my hope.  I just now finally got on Medi-Cal, but cannot find an LLMD that accepts it.  I have no income and resources more than limited.  Anyone know of a Medi-Cal LLMD near Lake Tahoe (or at least in Nor-Cal)?  Please help.  I'm literally dying here w/out meds!

"They just don't get it, unless they get it" - Lyme disease victim motto
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I answered your above question but I am doing the Dr Cowden Protocol.
It gives you step by step instructions. They also have a financial assistance program but needs to be signed by any kind of Dr.
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I'll look into it, thanks!  I was about to go full, updated Magic Johnson/ Beck Protocol as I've acquired the technologies myself; but I believe it may be more practical for viral, preventing relapses and clearing cancer cells.  Thanks for the tip!  I appreciate that Lymie- I know your pain and wish the best to you in recovery as well.  This disease is brutal, but worth conquering, despite the extreme pain, symptoms, ignorance, etc- but think how good we will finally feel when it quits hurting, right?  Hang in there!  Thx again-

"They just dont get it, unless they get it" Lymie motto
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Thank you. I wish you the best on your Lyme journey too.
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Protocols such as the Beck Protocol cost a lot of money and there's no financial assistance for them as there is for antibiotics and MDs.

What little money a person has would be better spend using science based protocols, I think.
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"Science based protocols" are what got me into this 14 year old mess!  Like doctors know anything, really- your faith in "modern medicine" (as they like to call what will be obsolete and ignorant in just a few short years, as usual) amazes me almost as much as the thousands of testimonials I've watched, read and seen from patients who cured themselves of viruses like HIV and malaria, as well as Lyme-

Your ignorance to other research,covered research,nor being able to spot the motives, corruption, flaws or ignorance, also very alive and well in the medical community- also astounding.  As for being expensive- I built the machines myself, with parts from Guandong, China, quite cheaply (about $150 total) and it's already helping my pain, fibromyalgia, Herxes and stomach, lungs and arthritis.

I'm assuming your either rich, or don't have Lyme disease- either way, ignorant nonetheless- as I lost company, family and home while doctors tried to "figure me out" even after diagnosis, with insurance, after 14 years of my endless asking, searching,being misdiagnosed, mistreated and/or falsely accused or ignored and the last 3 bedridden, in total agony, feeling as if it would be better to die mostly- pardon me for not having much faith anymore in the system; my state, my insurance, my doctors, the hospitals, the government- all have yet to help me.  

Please understand my compulsion to not lie here dying, doing nothing- while I wait on the system to help, all the while suffering indescribable pain, neurological issues, losses and fatigue?  I think not- anything is better than lying here to turn MS, ALS, dementia, or Lymetarded.  I will not lie here withering away and dying in wait for the very systems that screwed me, lied to me, continue to deny me healthcare and treated me so horribly.  If there's even the slightest shot in the dark that we can do it ourselves- without them?  I say I take it and if it works?  Give it away for free and save innocent lives!

But that's my attitude- I guess not everyone opens their mind, struggles as much as many of us, learn as much,( like medical options, research, empathy and encouragement) nor have faith in something better as I do.  I get it.  But if that means you don't have Lyme, had it easy, short-term, or are a doctor that's never had Lyme- I don't want to hear anything from you.  You don't get it- if that's the case.  Going for experienced, healed quickly, late-stage Lyme survivors- that's the only people I need to listen to, thanks!  ;)
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The people in my support groups that follow science based, antibiotic protocols seem sicker, worse off (for many years) and relapse, most often.  Why couldn't micro electric currents, or blood purification work, anyways?  Why do they say "you can't cure a virus" anyways?  They hide- the only place they can safe from medicines, white blood cells, etc- in the nervous system.  So why not use micro currents, milliamperes, proven to kill microbes- and kill them out of their hiding places and be done with it- all the while also giving yourself a nice massage?  Seems worth a shot to me- better than the alternative, trusting legal drug dealers (doctors).  If you don't agree- you don't have Lyme disease at all.  Or you'd try anything to get well too- trust me!
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I would try anything to feel better and never discourage my friends from trying different protocols like bee stings, cinnamon oil or rife machines. If something works for them I would be so happy for them. I also like hearing from them how it is working for them. I might even try it if they have success.

Good luck.

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