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Lymphatic examination

Dear all,

Is anybody knows what kind of examination/check up can do for lymphatic system?

What is the name for the specialist in this area (lymphatic)?
(Examples women health specialist is gynecologist, mental health specialist as psychiatrist etc)

What food supplement can improve lymphatic system? If there is any?

Thank you and best regards!

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Google "how to drain your lymphatic system naturally" for all answers.  You can do lymphatic massage with a massage therapist.  You will find some acupuncturist/chiropractors do this.  You have to read their websites to determine.  Anti inflammatory diet best (AIP), juice cleanses. There are a number of herbs for lymphatic drainage. A lymphatic system cleanse with herbs may include goldenseal, poke root, red clover, Echinacea, licorice root, burdock root, queen’s root, wild indigo, cleavers, astragalus root, ginger, mullein, peppermint, slippery elm, olive leaf, fenugreek, and sarsaparilla.  Other supplements that can help lymphatic drainage and detoxification include milk thistle, activated charcoal, digestive enzymes, and essential oils like oregano, myrrh, frankincense, lemon, and cypress oils.
My chiropractor recommended "lymphatonic" by Herbs Etc (can read reviews on Amazon).  My personal easy daily routine includes dry skin brushing, doing 5 minutes or less of shoulder, neck and arm exercises shown to me by my acupuncturist, hot/cold showers and laying on my back with my feet up the wall, using this time to meditate and destress.    
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