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MEDHELP! -- please keep the old page format!

        ===>>>   MEDHELP, ARE YOU LISTENING??  Please don't mess up a good thing!  

We need the flexibility of the old message structure -- it's just the way Lyme disease works:

     -- much that is still unknown about the infection(s),
     -- many different presentations by different patients,  and
     -- much controversy about how to diagnose and treat the patients.

We need you, MedHelp!  Stick with us till Lyme is a thing of the past for everyone.
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Jackie, you might get a greater response on this issue if you post this under the "Improve MedHelp Suggestions" forum:
You'll see over there that many are urging against the new format...
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I didn't know about that!  Will go over there and post.  :)  
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Thanks for the heads-up --

I just used up way too much time to post a two-part commentary on the situation.  Others have also posted with some very interesting commentary --

Thanks again -- hope all is well with you and yours -- J
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