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MedHelp -- bring back the old format

Chopping up comments and questions into tiny bits of 'information' does not help at all in dealing with a complex illness such as Lyme disease.  The assumption MedHelp has made seems to be that all illnesses have a straightfoward diagnosis and cure, but Lyme does not work that way.  

Lyme is a new and developing worldwide bacterial infection that often carries with it other infections not related to Lyme.  Thus the possibilties for confusion are many.  Your instructions below begin with the admonition to 'be specific' -- which sounds nice, but doesn't work well in a new and developing worldwide disease.  

Lyme doesn't play that way.  Lyme and its co-infections are difficult to diagnose and know how to treat, and this new 'narrow comment' approach on this site makes a thorough mess of the situation.  Please revert to the other format.

MedHelp has for years now been a wonderful refuge for the ailing and confused, because Lyme is  new and still-spreading infection with many additional co-infections.  Oversimplifying Lyme will not make it better -- just worse.

Please rethink this format:  the old one worked very well with Lyme and its co-infections.
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I have the old format..it has come and gone a few times but the last few days been back to the old and welcome way ...
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Hi there.  The best thing to do is to use 'contact us' at the bottom of this and every page to provide your feedback.  That is how information is sent directly to the design team and you can be heard.  Please share your thoughts with specifics about what you don't (and if there is anything that you do) like via contact us.  Also, please note that they are making some changes to the new format in response to feedback they've received such as the last 5, most recent posters names being visible.  Best of luck
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If not already said, thank you for the information above --

This site is incredibly useful and valuable for all who come here, whether we have Lyme and other tickborne infections or have a friend or family member who needs support and information.

Thank you again --
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