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Mouth Sores w/ Lyme?

Just curiuous to see if any of youhave experienced mouth sores w/ your Lyme? I had an ulcer on the bottom of my mouth and now have little sore on my cheek and lip... Annoying but not real painful.  
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I don't get sores per say, but have numerous fleshy lesions that developed over time starting a few years ago.  They do not hurt, grow, or go away.  A number of doctors have looked at them for me, assuring me they are not pre/cancer, but no one is quite sure what they are.  Even my LLMD is stumped with that one.  The only consequence (so far) of these lesions is that the inside of my cheeks and under my tongue have a bumpy topography.  

The sores/ulcers you describe sound more consistent with lupus, but I have no medical training and am just basing that on what I've read.  I believe such sores can be biopsied, you may want to call your doc before they heal.
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LLMD looked at them, wasn't sure either. Primary doc said it's an ulcer, fluid filled not of concern. I know its fluid filled b/c it popped! Primary said Def. not cancer. I'm seeing a rhumatoid next tuesday (at my request, my primary didn't feel it necessary). Hopefully they will still be there for the doc to see.

LLMD said people can often show signs like this of auto-immune disease and it often goes away after treating lyme. They do not know why or what the connection is yet b/w the diseases... My testing to date for lupus, RA etc has come up neg- but I'm anxious to see what the rhumie says next week.
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Yes, I've been given the vague auto-immunse-y answer for my issue and my LLMD has also expressed it could improve with treatment.  

I think you are wise to seek out a rheumatologist.  I did so as well before committing to an LLMD and Lyme treatment.
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Oddly enough my primary didn't think it was all that necessary to see one as I've already been tested and all the lupus markers are neg-. I used having psoriasis and the possibility of getting psoriatic arthritis as a means of pushing for the rhumie- you gotta do what you gotta do! I'm also starting the search for a new primary...

I saw my dentist today who said these do not lool like what you'd see with lupus or auto-immune and that they def. are not cancerous but yet he said it is a fluid filled cyst of an odd shape he's never seen. He said I should see an oral surgeon who will probably give me the option to remove it if I want. So I'll go but after I see the rhumie on march 2nd. I'm hoping the sores are still there for him to see by then. The cyst thing on the floor of my mouth actually changes sizes, comes and goes, bigger vs. smaller,  very strange. I thought it had popped and went away on saturday but it's back. Dentist said he thinks all my mouth things are un-related- that the lip thing is b/c I bit it (and I do recall doing that), and that in my cheek it has something to do with the gland, he said it's of no concern and then the cyst. But I find it odd to have them all at the same time...

After doing some googling I've found that mouth sores have been assoc'd w/ Lyme.
I also found thru googling that mouth sores can be diet related. I saw mention of low protein. LLMD put me on a sugar free-yeast free diet- no dairy plus I'm vegeterian so I've been worrying about getting enough nutrition on this diet... Depending on what the rhumie says, I may explore that and seek the help of a nutritionist, well I should probably do that in addition to the rhumie actually. I'm finding this diet realy really difficult. It's worse than the meds for me...

What a prcoess this has been... But after the rhumie, I think I will have covered mostly everything. I already saw 2 neuros, 2 internal meds, my primary, dentist, soon an oral surgeon, eye doctor, & rhumie. Am I missing anything LOL?

I fear the eye doc will fidn stuff wrong too!
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About your diet ... I was on a 'greens and proteins' diet for about 8 months, meaning (like you) no sugar, no yeast, and no dairy, but also no grains.  Just vegetables and eggs and meat and seafood.  Sounds dreadful, but it really wasn't bad.  Or so I thought.

I was cooking only with olive oil, and it turns out (from what I read later) that there are some essential fatty acids (EFAs) that olive oil doesn't have.  My skin was very dry and flaky (more than usual) and would even bleed slightly if I flaked the dry skin away.  My memory was lousy, but I blamed that on Lyme.  I seldom felt good, and it was getting worse.

I finally figured out (in my half-witted condition) that I needed to do something about it, and started supplementing with fish oil.  NOT cod liver oil, but fish oil.  I read in a bunch of places that cod liver oil is too unbalanced, and it can cause even more problems, leaching minerals from your bones or something awful.  Oh yeah, and a lot of my hair fell out somewhere along there, but I don't know if that's related.  Good news is, it's growing back in just fine.

You note that you are a vegetarian, but I'd strongly suggest that you consider making an exception for at least a while till you are feeling better.  I'm not medically trained, so don't take this as medical advice ... just some hard-learned lessons of my own.

I even saw a nutritionist toward the end of the strict diet, and she wasn't all that helpful.  She suggested selenium, which I am now taking, but she didn't say much else.  She was trying to get me to up my calories, which I have kind of done by adding back some fruit (apples, blueberries, tangerines), but I'm still off grains.  I also added sugar-free yogurt in the last couple of days, and it's sitting well -- I'm lactose intolerant, so I'm eating sheep's milk yogurt for the first time -- pretty tasty.

A lot of what I just said may not apply to you or affect you, but you might have a vitamin or mineral deficiency of some kind if your diet has been restricted.  You can go back to being a vegetarian/vegan after you're well!  You might google something like 'vitamin deficiency vegetarian' and see what pops up.

I've not heard of Lyme giving mouth sores, but it does a lot of unexpected things.  

Let us know how you do and what you find out.
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Thanks Jackie!

It's tough... I grew up vegeterian, started it as kid. Meat and fish just always totally grossed me out. Not sure if my body would even know what to do with it if I ate it now LOL. I'm now 35 yrs old so I've been a veggie for at least 25 yrs now. I was at least 10 when I stopped eating meat/fish, and even then what I ate wasn't much- checken fingers and hot dogs LOL.

Yeah- most symptom lists for Lyme did not include mouth sores, it's def. more in sink with lupus/auto-immune. But I did find a couple things mentioning it.  LLMD said she had one other client with a mouth lesion. Hard to tell with these diseases that impact so much what's what.  I changed my meds and diet all at the same time too. I'll let you know what the rhumie says next tuesday. It better not snow here in Philly so I can make it to my appt!
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