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No doctors in my state

I have been searching for a doctor that can and will do the testing for lymes disease in KY and have found none.  Where can I go to find someone to help.  I have had almost all of the symptoms and lived with it for 20 years.  I lived in rural VA as a child and remember a bad tick bite and several bouts of illnesses that lasted a month or more.  I have been told I have complex migraine syndrome,seizures, fibromyalgia,irritable bowel, irritable bladder, depression and anxiety disorders that cause me to get lost, confused, unable to focus, unable to understand what I read, unable to speak, loose time, forgetful and give me neck pain (notice I didn't say that I was upset).  With the migraines, I get stuck in the aura and go in and out of pain, with numbness and tingling.  Oh and by the way, I had a pituitary tumor that caused me to not develop or start my periods.  They recently did a MRI and said I had scaring in that area and they are going to watch it.  I have dizziness, motion sickness, and the feeling that the car is on a slant and about to flip.  I normally can multitask with ease, when my spells hit, I have trouble doing one thing.  All of this is attributed to side effects of my medications.  My medications "work" for awhile and then don't and they start putting me through seizure medication adjustments.  I can't hold down a job because the illness wipes me out for a month at a time or more, usually within the 90 day trial period.  I need to have a life.  When I feel good, I love life no matter how difficult things are on the outside, it can't match what I go through on the inside during my "spells".  I only get in a funk after I have been ill for weeks at a time.  I went to the market yesterday because I needed refills on my medications and had no one that could help me.  By the time I walked from the car to the store, I was wiped out.  I ended up having to wait a few minutes and my body felt so tired and heavy that I had to sit down in the isle and I started crying.  I am always afraid to drive when I am like this, but that did it for me.  I'll starve before I do that again.  Can anyone guide me to the help I need?

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There were  none in  my state either.  I had to travel out of state.  The website posted above may help you.
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Thank you for the information.  I appreciate it.  It looks like good information and a much needed resource.
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Looks like the moderators here do not approve of people who try to help other people by providing useful information and links--as you can see, they deleted my post regarding Lyme support groups in KY.

If you need the info again, do not hesitate to PM me.

That is if MedHelp doesn't decide to delete me altogether...
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Thank you for the info.
I did get the link and saved it.
I do appreciate it.
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