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Pain Medication and lyme

In 2001 I came down with a fever that spiked to 105.  I ended up going to urgent care.  There has not been one day since the onset of the fever that I have not had pain.  My back is the worst.  I had so many test done, x-rays, mri's, lyme, you name it I had the tests.
After a couple of years of terrible pain that the Docs. could not pinpoint I ended up going into pain management.  Now I live on pain medication day in and day out.  Without it I would kill myself the pain is to much for one person to handle no matter if you sit stand or lay down.  Along with my back pain, legs going numb and falling from time to time, breast are so tender, joint pain, face going numb sometimes, plus to many others to mention, I now have pain that starts from my ankle and goes up the side of my leg to my knee, neck pain that hurts so bad it is hard to drive, tmj, ear pain so bad and the pain medication I am on will not make a dent in the pain.  I am tired of pain meds.  
Last year I was told I had lyme.  Doc. said that I had no immune system amoung other things.  There are no good infectious Docs. around this area.  I can not drive more that 20 mins without pain even if I take pain meds.  I can not stay in a store more than 45 mins. without my back hurting so bad that I have to go to the car take pain med and wait for almost 1 hr. for it to take effect.
I quit crying over this in 2004 and learned to live with it.  It is just getting harder and new symtoms keep popping up.
What to do?  Sometimes I do want to end the suffering because it is just getting worse.
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I am so sorry you are having a bad time, you feel helpless dont you, I have had no diagnososis for this, I am clutching at straws,seems to come and go over the years ..You are getting a lot of pain, I am wondering if you take any Vitamins to build up your immune system thats what I try more than pain meds, I still take some but I know they have side effects that make me worse.It does sound as if you have pain more than I so I am not suggesting you come off pain meds but maybe aded supplements to strengthen your Immune system.thye tingling and numbness are pretty hard to take arnt they I get a lot in my hands mostly the mornings, I am taking B Complex to help me with that, check out some alternative meds aswell.
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Welcome to MedHelp.  Your story is truly sad.  Have you had any treatment?  Did you have positive testing?

I think you would get better care if you were seen by a lyme-literate medical doctor than an ID.
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Hello, I have had bad depression - it is part of lyme - I understand how un-ending pain can cause depression - but don't give up on your health - there are lots of very knowledgeable - caring people here - as patsy said - let 'us' know more about your treatment/diagnosis

I have read many stories of people who have been in pain for years - who have found help/relief .

gorbs x
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It sounds like your symptoms started with that really bad fever, at least I would have hoped that would provide some clue to your dx?

So sorry that you're going through endless pain. No fair anyone should have to live like this.
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I don't think many infectious disease doctors are involved with chronic lyme disease; however,  there are many LLMDs in Maryland who could potentially treat your Lyme disease and help you get well. It's worth looking into. What do you have to lose?

Send an email to ***@**** and request a list of doctors in Md who treat Chronic Lyme Disease in that state.

I'm glad you're involved in pain management program while seeking treatment for the lyme  diagnosis. It's hard, but it can be beat with the right treatment. Don't give up!
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