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Positve Test for Lyme Disease

For years I've had joint pain, that has become progressively worst over the last 2 years.  Other symptoms includes rapid heart beats, bad headaches lasting days at a time. My GYN suggested getting tested for Lymes. I did, and the test was positive (IGg P 30 and IGm P39 and P41). I was given 21days supply of Doxy by my PC.  This has not help, the pain seem to have spread to other joints and has become worst.  I have also had half of my thyroid removed and take thyroid meds.  Please help me! I don't know where to begin.  Especially with the joint pain.  
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Hello Wirewaist2 , I am new, but have read and watched so much about Lyme. What I learned about it, you could have a co-infection that came from the tick or Mosquito that bit you and Doxy only takes care of certain infections not all. I would suggest that you go to a Lyme Center where they are more fluent in the field of infectious diseases. Best of luck. Don't give up.
I agree, it is so important to find a doctor the specializes in the detection and treatment of Lyme.
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You do not know whether you actually have chronic lyme disease at this point or NOT!
Yes, you need to find an LLMD who will not dismiss chronic lyme disease (many doctors are in denial) and who does not accept that after 3-4 weeks of abx,  this marks the end of the lyme infection.
You also need to totally rule out hypothyroid issues, in the event that your thyroid function is under-regulated by thyroid meds.
Synthetic T4 has a much lower efficiency compared to NDT (natural desiccated thyroid)
Thyroid-resistance (type 2) should be investigated thoroughly. Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3  are the tests to get. Insist on those!
As a self-test, you may also consider Dr. Barnes Basal
Temperature Test ( 10 minutes underarm, 1st thing in the morning, using a glass thermometer). Do an online search for all the details.

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