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Prophylactic antibiotic study in the Netherlands


In the Netherlands the RIVM and Wageningen U. are starting a large scale study about whether preventive use of antibiotics can stop Lyme after a person has a tick bite.

There will be two groups. One group (with family doctor agreement) will take a single dose of antibiotics within 3 days of removing a tick. The other group will not take an antibiotic. This study will last four years

The participants will be divided into two groups. One group will be asked – provided the family doctor agrees – to take a single dose of antibiotics within three days of removing the tick. The other group should not take antibiotics. The research is expected to last four years.

[I'd opt to be in the group that is given the antibiotic. :)]

Perhaps what is started in Europe will eventually make it's way over here. Sigh.

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