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Pulse rate go down and high sometimes. It's Lyme Bart or herx?

First of all, I have Lyme and Bartonella. I am at roud 2 of abx ciprofloxacina, doxicilina and tinizol. At the first roud my pulse and blood pressure were high, now my pulse is high only mornings 130 and the rest of day is even 100, 90, 88 or just go down in 50. I take beta blocants.
My LD doctor says is due to toxicity in my body and drink much water.

But I am very scared.
I have done in the past holter monitor, eco heart, multiple EKG, the last one a few days ago. All in order.
I just hope somebody experienced that.
Please if anyone read this, please tell me if you are or was in the same situation.
Please forgive me if i do grammatical mistackes, I'm from Romania.
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