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Question about reactive bands and being false-positive

Just want to say thank you in advance for any guidance!

I have been going to a naturopath for about two months. Diagnosed with Hashimoto's as well as the Epstein-Barr virus (whether that be a new infection or one that is resurging). She recently tested me for Lyme disease just to rule it out and what do ya know, it came back positive. In the beginning of March, I had a weekend where I felt like I could not move, no energy. I thought it was either the Hashimoto's, EPV virus, or stress (was also going through a thyroid biopsy at that time - it's been quite a whirlwind!), but perhaps it was Lyme. A few questions:

- My naturopath put me on a 21 day treatment of doxycycline. Is this enough? In the very small amount I've read about this, it's best to combine antibiotics. Since she's a naturopath, she's also given me 'natural' immune boosters and probiotics to take apart from my antibiotic. Is it best to try the doxycycline first and see if that works?
- How long do I need to wait after the antibiotics are finished to try testing for Lyme again? Are most people able to 'kick this' with antibiotics? I keep reading horror stories but I know people mostly post negative experiences on the internet.
- Lastly, below are the bands I tested positive and negative for via a test through Quest. Can anyone provide any insight as to what these mean (do they represent how long I've had it, for example) and if I should have any other tests done? There is a statement in the lab results that says "A positive IgM but negative IgG result obtained more than a month after onset of symptoms likely represents a false-positive IgM results rather than acute Lyme disease." Do I even have Lyme....?
18 IGG: non-reactive
21 IGG: non-reactive
28 IGG: non-reactive
30 IGG: non-reactive
39 IGG: non-reactive
41 IGG: reactive
45 IGG: non-reactive
58 IGG: non-reactive
66 IGG: non-reactive
93 IGG: reactive
23 IGM: reactive
39 IGM: reactive
41 IGM: reactive
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If anyone has information they can share (for any part of this post), would be very appreciative. Thank you.
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