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REMINDER: pls don't post names of Lyme doctors here

There is a continuing split in the medical community about how serious Lyme disease is or is not.  

The more senior MDs often may not take Lyme seriously in diagnosis and treatment.  This is a huge over-generalization about MDs, but it's intended to remind us all that not all docs see Lyme in the same way.

The MDs who don't see Lyme as a truly serious illness may try to cause trouble for MDs who *do* take Lyme very seriously, and the result could be problems for the Lyme docs with the state medical boards.  (The medical boards tend to hold to the old belief that Lyme is no big deal.)  

Over time, the medical profession will work itself out, but for now, please do NOT post names of any MDs here, in order to protect them.  If you want to refer to a doctor in a post here, just use a shortened name ("Dr B" instead of "Dr Brown").  Or use a made-up name, like "Dr Wonderful".  Whatever.

Thank you for your consideration for our docs, who are keeping us in the fight with Lyme.  Hurrah!
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... and PS:  if you want to recommend a Lyme doc to someone posting here, or give a suggestion or encouragement to a fellow poster here, you can do so by sending a 'private message' through this website.

If you hover your cursor over the person you want to send a note to, a small box will open up where you can click on either "leave a note" or "send message".

Your message will be sent only to the people you want to send (tho of course MedHelp's staff would able to read the message as well).

As with all things internet, be cautious about connecting with strangers outside the website.  Cheers!
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