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Rebuttle position on Lymes

JC's position on Lymes in an ideal world is noble.  I applaud her for her staunch beliefs.

But BELIEFS and FACTS don't always equalize.  I can believe the sky is camouflage, but facts tell me differently.

Alot of the scientists that are researching this feel this bacteria is "just too darn smart" as it keeps evading ANY treatment regime.  Most known bacterias do not operate this way.  The fact of the matter is man has been using chemical warfare against one another goes back 700 yrs when opposing armys would hurtle diseased corpses and infected cows/animals into castles to spread pestilence via catapault/trebuchet.  That's a fact.  

  Biowarfare did not really take off until the 30-40's when Japanese and German scientists were "caught/captured" working on hemmoragic fevers (Japanese), and Anthrax/spore diseases (Germans).  It was when we captured these scientists at the end of the war and brought them here ("Operation Paperclip") to have them work with our scientists or face execution for war crimes.

These are FACTS, not conjectures.  These scientists in conjunction w/ our own developed biological weapons which are "Cheaper, do less damage to the infrastructure (imagine bombed out German cities), and create an enemy that is incapacitated by fatigue, cannot farm the land, health care overloaded.  All it does is harm the human host.  kinda like a Neutron bomb from the 50's.  Kills the people, leaves the cities intact.  (Project Day Lilly)

  The coincedences of Lyme disease being "discovered" at Old Lyme Conneticutt, and managed by a RHEUMATOLOGIST and it being right across the water from a Class 4-5 biological weapons testing facility cannot be discounted.  To tell me that something did not escape, or was tested without the proper forethought that this could be serious if it got out, is nievete' at it's worst.  I know human nature, I know we are fallable, I also know some are "corrupt' at the expense of "National Security".  If you honestly believe that the Gov't tells you everything, and is TRUTHFULL about it , you are sadly misstaken.  Or incredibly gullible.

This makes perfect sense when you look at The Tuskeegee Experiment  which was created for the sole purpose of infecting poor blacks in rural Southern US with the Syphillis spirochete.  (Which is exactly like Borrelia )  They innoculated them them gave them placebo vaccines to watch their progression of the disease and see them deteriorate.  All in the name of science.  It was a military experiment.  There is no denying that.  Fact.

  The fact that the US IDSA and CDC are doing NO research on Lymes, and there is but a trickle of research money shows one of two things.  They are either complicit or complacent.  Whereas someone states she feels Nature is at the root.  I do not, and do a majority of the researchers.  Picture this, if you were the CDC or the IDSA and you knew there was a bacteria that caused ALL SORTS of illnesses that could only be cured by long term ABX, what would you do?   Attribute these to "getting old and day to day pains" or admit that alot of these atypical AND typical Autoimmune illness and fuel the PHARMA $$$$ pipeline OR risk a drug resistant strain of bacteria (Borrelia).   HMMMMMMMM, that's a hard one.   It's much easier for them to have you take drugs(painkillers) the rest of your life than admit they have a SUPERBUG on their hands that is now infecting humans around the world.

Dr's are taught NOTHING about mycoplasmas or about the hundreds of Borrelia species present.  I know, I have asked several Dr's, they all say the same thing.

  It is my belief (and the researchers) they took a moderate illness and made it much more pathogenic.  The Mycoplasmas are the triggers.  You cannot get AIDS without mycos.  Only HIV.  That is a fact.  Most immune systems can hold Borrelia in check.  Until the Mycos are involved.  Fact.  Mycoplasmas were patented by the US ARMY for bioweapons "research".  That is a fact.  There are too many "FACTS" that I have not gone into here for this to be natural.  

  But this is only my OPINION and I am not a DR.  There is MORE to this story than we are being told.  

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wow, i am stunned! im so interested to know more, makes sense to me!
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  I only ask you use your head.  Anyone with a HS education can look at the information and connect all the dots.  Why is the Department of Defense working on drugs (antagonistic human monoclonal antibody drugs) that "trigger" certain genes.  These were developed for MS, Lupus and ALS.    What are most GWI/CFS soldiers being treated for?  You got it...ALS, Lupus, MS.   Why is it "the largest clinical trials" for these drugs was by giving them to soldiers and spouses of fatigueing illnesses?  How do I know that?  By talking to soldiers and their spouses, signif others.   Why are their partners becoming ill as well?  Why were the partners given these drugs by Military doctors?   THAT was the "largest clinical trials" without their knowlege.

  Chemical weapons captured from IRAQ (that we supplied to Saddam Hussein) were brought back to the US and stored around the country.  They were disposed of in the waterways around the US.  How do I know that?  I know a soldier that was involved in disposing of the agent.  He was there.  His wife had 28 marbe sized cysts in her Uterus.  He was wading around in the waters trying to collect bios after Katrina hit and washed out a storage facility.

  Why have so many researchers (Mycoplasmas and bioweapons) dissapeared or died of unexplained causes?  Over 200 of them.  Even Dr Nicolson's boss was shot 6 times in the head when he was going to blow the whistle.  Do you think he commited suicide?  With 6 bullets?   His death, and others, are real events.  But do you think the media really connects the dots, or explains it as an accident?  After the coverage dies down, the public forgets it.

  How do I know about the children being born to soldiers and to the Iraqis?  They are being born missing eyes, limbs, hydrocyphalic, etc.  It's just like Thalydamide from the 50's-60's.  I have a friend who was a liason w/ the Saudis.  We used depleted uranium on their soil for firing practice.  There is now Uranium in the sand contributing to their illnesses.  money was paid to the Saudis to cover it up.  Why are the military bases here performing Hysterectomies left and right?  Why did the MILITARY here institute a program called the Exceptional Family Member Program to deal with all the birth defects occuring to the soldiers?

  And this is all attributed to "getting older and feeling aches and pains"?  Sorry...don't believe it.  I'd rather be informed than believe it is God's or Natures design.  natural genetic mutation is inevitable...BUT, when it is accelerated by infectious agents that were designed for a purpose, it makes more sense
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Now some of this is reasonable, some isn't.  I've posted here about Lyme being described over 100 years ago.  And, I've seen fossil evidence of mycoplasmas (TB) from before man was even homo sapiens, over 500,000 years ago in homo erectus.  Further, I discovered the reason that many of us have mycoplasmas, because of the change in the way bacteria were killed to make vaccines in the 1940s.  If I were to follow your line of thinking, since the military was involved, my contracted in 1968 mycoplasma infection must have been part of Johnson's "War on Poverty"!  If anyone is somehow behind all this, I'd think it to be the pharmaceutical companies that stand to make a fortune treating all the diseases they've given us via vaccination.  Not God's design?  I have to differ there too, I have my reasons, and have to believe that one can only see what the Almighty wants him to see, it is even written that God will chose their delusions.  Mine too?
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Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that everything posted above is true.

My reaction is:  where do elaborate conspiracy theories get us?  Does it change what actions we take to get well?  No.

It's like being on a boat in danger of sinking, and instead of bailing water and rowing to shore, one sits on the deck complaining that the weather report was inadequate and it was a conspiracy by the US Weather Service to drown us.

And worse, conspiracy theories serve the purpose of further frightening ill people who are trying to figure out what they have and how to get rid of it.  I see no point in piling on with scary conjecture.

Personally, I'd rather figure out how to diagnosed, find a doc who understands, get treated, and get my life back.  
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  And therein lies the problem.  UNLESS the people look at the evidence that is being piled up and say  "HEY, we need to solve this problem, and NOW!" the Gov't will do nothing.  It happened w/ HIV and AIDS.  It was not until Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson combined together to attract enough attention that they decided to do something.  There was a virus causing death to a certain population.  (or so it was thought)

  Now there is a coinfection of Lymes, Mycoplasma Fermentans- Incognitus that utilizes the HIV gene envelope.  It is missing one protein.  You will never test POS for HIV, but suffer all the effects of it.  Problem is, there IS nobody that is a STAR POWER that can stand up and say " We need more research!!!"  Everyone is being missdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.  

The Gov't DENIED Agent Orange effects for YEARS.  They have also denied bioweapons as well.  NOW they are coming out with AO information....after many thousands have died from their illness.

  All I'm saying is, do some research to get to the bottom of this and START TALKING, Lymes is gonna be the silent killer if we don't.  

And Jackie...Watergate was just a hotel in Washington until information was discovered that brought down a President.  If people started digging, they would uncover some very unsavory information that could force the NIH to pony up on the research.    I liken it to being in a sinking boat, finding the leak, patching it until it holds, get back to shore, THEN finding the one responsible for it and holding him accountable.  Then hold his feet to the fire.  

  You and I can dissagree.  We are allowed to do that.  
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I know you enjoy conspiracy theories, and you are entitled to do so.

But please consider that you may be frightening people who come here, very ill, looking for guidance to help them get well by finding a doc who understands Lyme.

Please, please, put yourself in their shoes and be kind.  Scaring sick people doesn't meet my definition of being kind.

I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish with your posts.  And yes, I disagree with your approach because of its effect on very ill, fragile people who are not getting help from their nonLLMD docs.

This is med-help, not political-conspiracy-theorizing-help.  Please stop and think if you are helping or hurting the real people who come here looking for guidance.  If a survivor of a nuclear attack came looking for help for their injuries, would you respond with an essay about the politics that led to WWII that led ultimately to Hiroshima?  How would that help the person with the injuries?

You obviously enjoy reading and theorizing at a high level of politics, but how does that help people who come here?  I fear that it instead further alarms and depresses them.  Do you remember being that sick with Lyme?  I sure do.  It was awful.

I remember the early days of AIDS.  I remember watching the TV news conference from the CDC in the mid 1908s, where Dr Really Smart Honcho in his long white coat got up in front of the microphones and said there was no need to worry if you weren't gay or Haitian.  That's pretty much where Lyme is today, in the view of the CDC/IDSA:  nothing to see here, move along.

I am as concerned about the politics of Lyme as you are.  I just don't understand how scaring the wits out of people who are very ill will improve their condition.  Please consider the effect of your words on those who come here looking for help.  
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Well, you seem to think my telling people to consider HHV6, Mycoplasma, Cytomegalovirus, EBV et al is taboo when it is completely warrented.  When standard doctors just run the Western Blot, and it show neg, they shuffle you off to Buffalo.

  When an informed patient goes in armed with research and states " My symptoms match Lymes, but there's a good possibility my tests will be negative for Bb  Would you consider testing me for these coinfections?"  And when the doctor agrees, since the patient is informed AND when the coinfection tests come back POS, the standard doctors will start seeing that these patients DO know something and maybe they need to rethink their position.  Wishful thinking?  No.  I have convinced at least 3 doctors here to reconsider their approach just through discussions and rebuttals.  They are very uninformed and are being missled by JAMA and the CDC.  When all my research is presented to them and it is looked at in a different perspective, they see the other side.  Especially when my research matches what they are seeing.  Two of these doctors treat military personell off base and see what I have researched in person.  One is an Internist, one is a OBGYN, the other is a Gastroenterologist.  At first they were skeptical,  but after meeting with my group of "researchees" en mass they started to pay attention.

    To use an analagy, since someone is fond of them, I would not go into a car dealership without doing my homework.  Once  he sees im prepared and know my stuff, he cant shennanigan me.  I have the upper hand.  Most LLMD's feel there is something going on in the manner of which I have written. It's how much do THEY want to divuldge to YOU.

  People can read your posts, or read mine.  It dosen't matter.  If they think I'm a kook, so be it.  But, they can decide if it's pertinant or not.

  Would you like to see the research showing these "other" coinfections?
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