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Repetitive music in head

Is this a symptom of Lyme disease..
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It is a side effect of listening to music.
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I dont but I hear ads a lot on TV
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Nationwide is on your side?
hahah thats one lol
I don't think it is lyme. I'm pretty sure that is totally normal for any person. I hate that commercial too lol. You can try to mute the TV when commercials come on. That's what I do. Get fast with the mute button. ;)  I don't know how often you have this, if it seems to be way too often you could see a doctor about it but I would say in my non medical opinion that it is normal and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Practice muting the annoying adds and you will find yourself thinking of the musical adds much less.
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Anybody got a *serious* answer?  When I was very ill with Lyme, I would not have been able to differentiate between joking comments and what was really happening to me that I needed help for.  Please bear in mind that many who come here are struggling to make sense of Lyme, and unless you tag your post as a joke, it may be taken otherwise.  Sorry to rain on your parade.
joking comments ...excuse me I would never do that ...how bad you would think I would ...I have music running through my head a lot and itrs NO joke
The comment was not aimed at you, only those who make jokes.
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Margypops, what does your doc say?  Lyme definitely affects many systems in the body, including hearing.  I just did a quick search on

                          -- lyme disease tinnitus --

[tinnitus being ringing in the ears], and there were quite a few commentaries on medical sites etc.  It's worth asking your doc about.  Take care, and let us know what you find out, okay?
Thank you, yes its strange well I dont have a doctor here we only see nurse practitioners ,thins have gor bad here
I do get many of the symptoms of Lyme and I was bitten but that was many years ago, can someone still have it ??
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From what  have read, Lyme disease can stay in the body permanently if it is not treated appropriately by the doc and with the right medicine(s).  Lyme is in the same bacterial group as syphilis, but much is now known about the bacterial infections including Lyme and syphilis.  

===>>>   Lyme is generally quite treatable with antibiotics, as long as it's the right meds at the right dose and for the right length of time (usually months).  That's why it's important to have an MD who is knowledgeable overall about Lyme diagnosis and treatment.

And another point:  no one with any understanding would laugh at syphilis *or* Lyme infections.  So ... I would just ignore such comments.  
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Its seems to have stopped ...how weird is that
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Well, that's good news -- but if the music or other noises come back, talk with the doc, okay?
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Lol... I think just about anything can be a symptom of Lyme.  The chance of it being Lyme related is probably a little higher if it goes away, comes back, goes away, comes back.... At least that's how my symptoms do.  I'll think something is gone, then... BAM!  I had to start documenting my symptoms, they change so much.  

Someone can contract Lyme, but often times it does take many years for symptoms to develop.  It did for me.    
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well I have made NO jokes here and the repetitive music is back was only gone a few hours ..will take a look in the neurology site .
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It wasn't aimed at you.  (It's bad enough to be ill, but joking about someone else's discomfort is unkind to say the least.)  Take care!
thanks guys for the input I am now having a nasty time with a bad rash on my hands , went to see the practitioner as its itchy and burning also on my scalp, no lice ,they didnt really know much
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many aches and pains in my limbs and back , could that be a symptom of Lyme ?
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