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Sed Rate and CRP

I was just told by a primary care physician that if one has Lyme Disease, their Sed Rate and CRP would be elevated. He believes I do not have Lyme because my Sed Rate and CRP are not elevated, in fact very low. He didn't know what to make of my CD57 being so low and asked if I had an HIV test which of course I did and it was negative. So, how many of you diagnosed with Lyme had elevated sed rate and CRP? Is this another false perception by a physician about Lyme Disease?
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Private email addresses are discouraged (and asterisked out) for a good reason. I wouldn't put mine on a public forum.

But there's a private message function here, a bit hard to find, but it's for the time when doctor's names will be mentioned and private names/emails can be given---- more or less safely. (Always know the person you're giving out such information to----- really!)

One way to send a private message is by accessing your Inbox.
That's found at the top of the screen (dark blue bar) "My MedHelp"
Click on that and you'll find "Inbox" listed.
From there you can put the name of the person you want to PM and send your message.

PMs are supposed to be 'private'. But there are times when MH can access them---- if a grouch decides s/he doesn't like you and reports you. There's always at least one on each forum. LOL

The thing is though---- in my Inbox I only have some older ones and not any of the more recent ones. ???
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I see my email address has been deleted. l a u r i v i l l a b o y (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m

Thanks :)
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Hi, Im looking for the name of a Lyme doctor in the Uk, Spain or France, but could be anywhere in Europe really. Please email me to ***@**** I have been fighting this disease for 2 years and GP's on the UK dont seem to understand it. Would very much appreciate some advice, please take 2 minutes to send me an email with an address. Identities are so protected that seems impossible to get one. I understand they can be harrased by the medical community, just for having more knowledge and thinking outside of the box... I live 2 hours from London, but would travel anywhere to get some help. Thanks.
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and PS, forgot to say, we do NOT post the names of Lyme specialists here in the public part of the website, because in some areas, MDs get harassed by the local and state medical boards for treating Lyme aggressively.

In some states, like Texas, there are nearly no Lyme docs at all because they have been run out of the state.

So we are very protective of our Lyme doc's identities.  We need them to be around!
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Welcome to MedHelp Lyme --

I'm sure Ricobord will check in soon, but thought I'd give a quick reply too.

Good for you for taking action for your father.  Although many doctors will not diagnose Lyme without a tick being stuck in the skin (embedded) for at least so many hours, and without seeing a circular rash, Lyme doesn't play by those rules.  I had Lyme, and never saw a tick or had a rash.  

The ticks also carry other diseases that need separate testing and different meds, and seeing a Lyme specialist is also what I would do in your situation.  That may be confusing the current docs, because each of of those 'co-infections' has a different set of symptoms from Lyme and from each other, and since half of Lyme ticks carry more than one disease, it gets complicated pretty fast, and the docs get confused if they are not expert in Lyme etc.

Here are three ways you might find a Lyme doc:

1  -- email to

                 contact [at] ILADS [dot] org

and tell them where you are and how far you can travel to get to a Lyme doc.  ILADS is short for International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, and it's the main voluntary group for MDs who understand Lyme and treat it aggressively.  The docs are not screened as far as I know, so if you get one that doesn't suit your father, the ask for another name from ILADS.  

2  -- google/search:

              chicago lyme

and see the links there.  There are support groups and organizations that can guide you to Chicago-area Lyme docs.  Again, if a doc doesn't suit, try again till you get a doc you feel comfortable with.

3  -- Post your message again, but do it by starting a new message thread so it will get more attention, since not everyone reads all the way to the bottom of some of these long, old message threads.  Highlight and copy your message you posted above that is addressed to Ricobord, then scroll up to near the top of this page, you will see an orange-brown button called 'post a question' -- click that, then put a title like "Need LLMD in Chicago area", and paste your message there.  The question does not get addressed to anyone in particular and will pop up right away when you click 'post' or whatever the word is that's there (I forget!).
And if the Lyme docs don't diagnose Lyme, they may have other ideas.  

By the way, you will see the term LLMD, which is not a title or degree, but just patient slang for 'Lyme-literate MD', meaning an MD who thinks progressive thoughts about Lyme.  No doc calls him/herself an LLMD, but you'll see the term here and elsewhere, as shorthand for a doc who understands Lyme.

And if your father doesn't have Lyme or co-infections, an LLMD may have other ideas, since LLMDs are used to thinking creatively.

Best wishes, and do let us know how we can help.  Your father is very lucky to have you fighting for him.

Take care --
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Please e-mail me privately
My dad I believe has lyme disease.
he was bitten up by chiggers supposedly but I believe a tick never got noticed Oct 2010.  He had his first stroke in january 2011 with sed rate of 100 and CRP of 13 and now this January 2012 he just had his second more severe stroke.  They say he has vassculitis but cannot come up with a reason for vasculits.  They did a lyme test last year but it was negative.  is there a lyme specialist in the northern indiana chicago area or some one who can retest him for lymes.  His doctors think I am crazy but he went downhill three months after bug attack
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