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Short of breath? Babs? Maybe but maybe not.

I'm making this a separate thread because people complain about shortness of breath and others tell them it could be a symptom of Babesia.

Which is TRUE!

My story: I started getting SOB (short of breath) just after I'd moved to another state and found a new PCP.
Since this state doesn't treat Lyme and co's I only mentioned that I had Babs and didn't expect any tx for it (had already had a long course). But the SOB (not the doctor, although he DID turn out to be one. LOL) kept getting worse. He gave me inhalers. Didn't help.

I started coughing so bad that I thought I would turn inside out. He gave me a different inhaler/something.

I was finally so bad that I called 911 (live alone) and was taken to the ER where they quickly dx'd me with pulmonary embolisms---- said my lungs lit up like an Xmas tree! I truly think I was a heartbeat away from death and if one of those emboli had landed in my heart I wouldn't have had any more heartbeats. :(

I won't go into all the stuff following but my point is---- sometimes we (I was guilty of that) think that everything is Lyme or ..... And often we're right. But not always!

So---- moral is --- other things CAN happen to us.
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Thanks for the data on WA and OR.  I didn't realize they are in the denier's club.  
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Realyl sorry to hear this happèened to glad to know you got through it.

This is vey good advice to consider that not EVERYTHING we get should always be blamed on Lyme.
I've made that mistake in the past as well - it's good to be re-reminded from time to time to bear in mind other things can hapen.,
Especially now I am becoming more "mature".
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Wow.  I am so glad you went to the ER.  

I haven't been that bad, but I did get the allergies and asthma misdiagnoses, which led to inhalers, prednisone, and an ER visit for shortness of breath. Thanks to the prednisone and horrible asthma medications, I began a spectacular decline with a gazillion new symptoms.

There are times when my lungs feel sore, like they've been working too hard and are dry and irritated. I drink lots of water, which really helps.  Sometimes my chest muscles are sore from working so hard to get satisfying breaths. I find lying in my recliner or on my back makes it easier.

My breathing and my spleen dictate how fast I can go with my treatment.  I am really looking forward to being able to breath without working at it.

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If the mention of Texas meant---- was that the state where they won't treat Lyme?------- No, it's Oregon. I've never lived in Texas so maybe they're as bad---- but how it can be worse than OR or WA I really can't fathom. :)
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Something similar happened to be. I was SOB and I thought it was Babs returning. In reality I was extremely dehydrated which caused the SOB.

Your case was much worse and I am glad you got help.
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Texas, maybe?
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