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Skin Rashes

Do you  have weird skin rashes?
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Just wondering how many of us have these.  I have had bizarre rashes since my first bullseyes.
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My vote is yes.

I never had a bull's eye rash that I saw, and actually, a lot of my rashes only appeared AFTER I started antibiotics.  All of them worsened since treatment, and several come and go with my waves of worsened symptoms.

**I have a butterfly rash on my face--I get very red across my cheeks and nose.  Sometimes it wraps up a bit around my eyes.  Comes and goes, but has been very prevalent the last couple of days.  I got this a bit before treatment, but it is much worse now.

**Shortly after starting Zithromax, I noticed vertical red lines about .5 inch wide and several inches long on my abdomen.  They also come and go, and show up in different places on my torso.  They look like red streaks, kind of like stretch marks.  I think they are from Bartonella.  Again, I only got this after starting abx.

**I get blotchy red rashes on my scalp and the back of my neck.  This I did get before my treatment, but I always thought it was a dry scalp problem.  But my LLMD thinks it's from Babesia, and this rash also seems to get worse when my symptoms act up.

**I also have a weird bumpy red rash on my R forearm and leg.  I thought it was razor rash on my leg, but it is too persistent and it's the same as the rash on my arm, which I don't shave.

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I have all kind of rashes on my face! I have always had flawless skin and I have developed all kinds of sores and things on my face!!!

I am VERY self conscious about it!!!!
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I too never got a bullseye rash or any evidence of a tickbite that I noticed -- but esp. early in treatment for Lyme and babesia, I got that strange reddish rash across my nose and cheeks and above the bridge of my nose -- though for reasons I don't know, it would sometimes skip a small line where the bridge of my glasses would be, although they don't come close to touching my face there.

It is much less now that I am 1 year+ into treatment, but I do still often get a small rash just between but above my eyebrows, faintly reddish like a smudge about 1 inch high and 1/2 inch wide.  It's there now.

I also get strange breakouts on my face like very oily but tiny zits, as though something is leaking out through my pores.  It comes in waves, nose, then below the nose, then the chin.  Sorry for the gross description.
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I voted yes because I think my skin is acting strangely due to my illness.

I dont know if it is a rash per se, but I have chronic red-toned cheeks adjacent to my nose that looked like I'm slightly sunburned that never used to exist and it's not from excess sunlight.

I have little bumps bilaterially symmetric across my upper chest that also didn't use to exist.

Never had any skin problems of any kind until ~ year or two ago.
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I am only dx'd with EBV right now and I have had rashes since all of this started unfortunately. Everyone of my physicians has been told about them, but the lyme doctor is the only one who felt they were of any interest. All of the other specialists just passed this on to another specialist. The rheumatologist just ran ANA panels and Sed rate, along with other special tests for lupus. The only thing that came back elevated was the Sed rate and it was only elevated slightly.
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I haven't been officially diagnosed with Lyme, but I'm about as close as I have been with an alternative medicine doc I am seeing out in Wichita. He does frequency scans with numerous specimens he has on microscope slides. He picked up on Lyme, West Nile, plenty of the co-infections, mold, and the viruses I have tested positive on. He states that he does not provide a diagnosis but I'm probably as close as I have ever been to knowing what ails me.

That being said, I have had plenty of skin rashes since my symptoms first came up. Mentioned it to plenty of doctors and most of them just ignore it. My rashes are generally just red raised areas when I scratch against something.

My eyes also. Ever since this started, my eyes have been inflamed. Just drives me crazy that convential docs ignore this symptom when it's known that eyes are an indication of detoxing in the system.

The alternative doc also did a tongue analysis on me and said I have a textbook picture tongue for a few indications of how the body is functioning. Never really noticed it before but now it's pretty obvious.
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About your eyes, look for an ophthalmologist who understands about Lyme.  I went to see my ophthalmologist (MD specializing in eyes) and began telling him about Lyme, but he already knew and took it all very seriously.

My eyes get bloodshot when I am Herxing, and even give me double vision for a few hours.  My vision had dimmed for a while, but is better now that my treatment is well underway.  I don't know that the ophthalmologists can DO anything, but having them keep watch over your eyes is a good thing.

Good luck.
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