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Stress and being active...

Last night, my toungue felt like it was tingling!  It was the strangest most annoying thing ever!  Also my hands were tingling.  I had a very stressful day yesterday and was wondering if maybe stress caused my sx to flare?  
Also we went bowling two nights ago.  When we got home and was relaxing my legs were burning very bad.  Does anyone else experience increase in sx after being active of being stressed??

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Yes, I do. I am a swimmer. Lately, since I've had this joint problem if I swim many laps or go for a very long walk I will feel it the next day eventhough technically my body should be used to this exercise, right? I did all these throughout my whole pregnancy too. The same thing happens after cleaning as well. I get burning sensations in elbows.
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yes - I start to sieze-up ! my spine mostly - especially if I have been doing household stuff - then sometimes I can do -what I feel is - too much -and yet be fine .

I have been for a long walk today - it felt good at the time -very relaxing - one or two moments of leg pain but carried on and walked it off - now several hours later - I went from being 'normal'  to a raging 'mad' woman - I actually lashed out at my other half - it was like 30 seconds of 'craziness' - then back to feeling 'normal' again - very sorry for my behaviour!  I think it's all the frustration with my health - so up and down.

the 'mad' woman episode was caused by the refridgerator !!  - we needed the instruction manual - and I couldn't deal with thinking about where I had put it!!

I have noticed that sometimes even 'little things' like going shopping - is too much for me to cope with  - having to 'choose ' what to buy is like hard work!

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Check out the supplements you're taking. Too much of a good thing isn't good sometimes...

Always add supplements one at a time to detemine tolerance. excessive B12 and B3 and B6 can cause some bizarre symptoms. ABX it was posted previously by Jackie in Ca. can lead to depletion of mag levels -- so be very careful to add mag to your supplements. But don't do what I did and O.D. on mag.
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