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Sweet Taste In Mouth

I have been searching all over the internet to find an answer to this, and cannot seem to come across a definite answer. At least it's somewhat comforting to know that other people are having the same problem. I've come here to hopefully get a little bit more help.

Back in the beginning of April '08 I started to feel like I had the flu which included achy joints, an odd sweet smell in my nose, which did not go away after 2 weeks. So, I decided to go to the doctor and they ran a couple of blood tests, and just to be safe he prescribed me Doxycycline in case it was Lyme. They did a CBC which came back normal (a little anemic), some Thyroid test which came back fine, a glucose test which was also normal, and a Lyme test which came back as 'no'. I continued to take the Doxy because it was making me feel a little better, but it gave me some severe gastritis so I went off it and he put me on Ammoxicilin which was probably a huge mistake. The Amox was not working at all and so I went back onto finish the Doxy. The feeling of having the flu lasted for 2 months, and somewhere in all of this the sweet smell also started to develop into a sweet taste. After that I still was not feeling that much better, so I switched doctors.

The new doctor I went to ran a couple more tests which included the same ones as before, taking a urine sample, and the Lyme titer. The Lyme titer came back as equivocal. So, he diagnosed me officially with Lyme and gave me Ceftin. I finished that and I felt better, besides some lingering joint pain, but the sweet taste remained. He said it was probably ketones because my body was recovering or something like that, but I feel fully recovered now and I still get it off and on.

Since then I’ve been on a Z pack for a sinus infection and Cipro for a UTI. Also, he heard a murmur, so I’ve had an ultrasound for that which came back saying I had regurgitation among other things. None of these prescriptions have taken away the sweet taste or smell. Some days it’s there and some days it’s not. It’s driving me crazy! Lyme disease is terrible, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell that to anybody who’s had it! Thanks in advance for any help I may receive!
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Hmmm, I've never had a sweet smell stuck in my nose, so I can't comment directly on that.

I have had sensory issues and feelings of burning and tingling and such, and in a way that doesn't seem so far removed from phantom sweet smell.  In both cases, your senses are picking up on something that isn't really there.  

And at least it is a sweet smell!  

I'm still new to Lyme after having been sick since summer '07.  I'm still waiting on my W. blot results, but I started minocylcine about a week ago.

Last Jan was when I first went to my doctor about "this."  She noticed then I had a murmur and I had an echo which like you showed regurgitation.  She totally dismissed it though, and I never thought it had anything to do with my "WTF disease" until I came back to considering Lyme!

Anyway, sorry this is not directed advice.  Take care and good luck!
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Before treatment, I had many smell and odour hallucinations. I had a sweet taste in my mouth which would turn into a licorice taste (I hate that stuff!). Sometimes it was so strong it made me queasy.

Other times, I would taste metal or dish soap (the lemon kind like Sunlight...weird).

As for my nose, I would often smell mothballs--we don't have a single one of those in the house.

It was all pretty scary, I thought I had a brain tumour. Fortunately, these hallucinations disappeared when I started treatment. When I took a 2-week break from antibiotics, the sweet taste came back right away.

I know my post is not helping you much, but it feels good to know we are not alone experiencing crazy symptoms...

I wish your tastebuds neutrality. :o)
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You can feel, smell, hear and taste just about anything with Lyme disease. I used to feel like I was lying in a puddle of cold water when I went to bed. Or sometimes I felt like a hand was on my back and no one was there! My hands and feet had a burning sensation that I can only equate to the feeling I had as a child when I fell down on the black top at school. I heard a woman crying and there was no one in the house. I couldn't locate where simple sounds were coming from. Even the sound of my own footsteps seemed like they were coming from far away! When I was treated with antibiotics the weird sensations stopped. When your brain is being infected by spirochetes it's a real waking nightmare. I'm so glad I got treatment from a doctor that knew he couldn't rely on test results!
Best wishes,

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I am on the typical high protein, low carb diet that helps with the treatment, and sometimes I can't eat the chickens and steaks because it just has an awful taste.

I mean the chicken tastes very birdy to me at times and I always feel bad because sometimes going out to eat can be a hassle. Steak also at times to me tastes like old dirty gym shoe...not that I have chewed one....but if I had I think thats what it would taste like.

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I also noticed weird taste/smell sporadically ~ 10 months ago. I had more rotten-egg taste when it occurred. Also, food tended to taste more bland. This symptom occurs in other illnesses, including Lyme.
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I think it's all part of the neurological problems you get with lyme.  I've had everything from weird smells to sensitivity to smells.  At my worst my husband's cologne almost took me out every morning.  I almost vomited. It made me so sick every day.  I've also had burning, tingling, numbness, hot and  cold sensations, feelings of water dripping or splashing on my skin and more.  It's all sensory issues.
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" typical high protein/low carb diet" -- interesting!  I haven't heard this before.  How is it supposed to help?

I cleaned up my diet as best I could when I started on all these antiobiotics, to avoid feeding the Yeast Beast -- little sugar, no-yeast bread -- and it helps, but not entirely.  I just took a Diflucan yesterday because I realized the Beast was back...and I was Herxing, so it's been fun.

I eat a lot of vanilla low fat yogurt with cinnamon and unsweetened powdered chocolate and molasses [lots of potassium] which yes, I know is sugar, but my blood sugar was so low I was practically asleep all day.

I eat an egg everyday scrambled in olive oil (sometimes with chopped garlic) to take my meds with, which seems to settle my stomach for the meds, and so does cream cheese with the no-yeast bread ... so high fat seems to help me.  Also sauteed veggies.  And I've been bad lately, with ice cream.

I gave up red meat long ago, so I hear you about meat not tasting good.  Salmon is usually tasty to me, and I feel better after I eat it (I'm sure for all kinds of reasons).  Sometimes roasted chicken tastes good too, but I agree about somethings being too awful to contemplate, much less EAT.

I have no idea what my cholesterol is right now, and just don't care!  I'll worry about that later when Mr Lyme and I part company at last.

Any other diet ideas out there?  I'm getting in a real rut.
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Please tell me about this no-yeast bread, where can i get it. what is it called? thanks
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I basically eat chicken and beef, and cheeses (at the alotted times) green veggies (brocolli, zuchinni, peas, uncooked spinach), quiches. Anything that is cheese and meat. I also have added some carbs though. Malt O Meal. The one that doesnt have any sugar, cashews, pistachios, avacado, the small rice cakes( you get 9 for 70 cals.)

I am mostly suffering from the symtom of annorexia. Lyme can cause these issues....I am by no means annorexic, but the Dr. wants me to eat 2000 cals a day and because I am so nervous about weight gain I only eat maybe 4-600. I weigh 3-5 times a day. Its become a scary obsession.
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I found the lo/no-yeast bread at the local grocery (northern California).  It has soy as well as wheat in it, and I'm not crazy about the soy part but it's okay.  It's called:

"Alfaro's MicroBakery -- Santa Cruz Sourdough -- 100% natural and Baker's yeast-free bread"  but in tiny print it says "Sara Lee Bakery Group, Inc., St Louis MO".  Ha.  Maybe there is some OTHER kind of yeast in it, and they are specifying just no 'Baker's yeast', but I don't know enough to say one way or the other.

Ingredients are:  "Enriched flour (bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, ascorbic acid, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), folic acid) water.  Contains 2% or less of each of the following:  salt, soy flour."

So even tho it masquerades as a tiny brand, you might be able to find it wherever you are, right next to the Sara Lee coffee cake.  
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You need to eat!  but you probably already know that.

My appetite has been lousy while on these meds, but when I start feeling faint, I know I have to go eat something.  

Talk to your doc!  Your body needs good food to fight the Lyme+.  Cars don't run without fuel, and neither do people.
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I agree with JackieCalifornia!  Our bodies need EVERYTHING  we can give them to help fight this.  If you aren't eating enough, your body can't fight.

If your LLMD  is very restrictive about what you should eat, communicate to him how  this is affecting your attitude about eating and how little you are eating, and how often you feel you need to weigh yourself.

I agree that the Lyme could be affecting you and driving you to this extreme behavior.  But no matter where it is coming from, you need to address it.  You deserve to take good care of yourself.  Try to stay off the scale and eat well!
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