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Tell me your Lymes story PLEASE !

Please! I would like to hear other peoples Lymes story's.

I have been dealing with this for so long. I would like to hear all story's but i really like happy endings.
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Hey Coolio,

I was diagnosed with Lyme in April 2008.  I was a newlywed in October 2007 and I started getting sick in December, when I gained 30 pounds for no apparent reason and then developed arthritis.  I had a rash on my feet which became present just before I got married (Sept. timeframe) but 2 doctor's said it was just allergies--this rash did not go away until a few months of treatment.  

I saw a Lyme specialist in April-put me on Doxycycline, but this didn't work for me as it gave me a lot of stomach pain and throwing up.

I switched specialists, and began a series of herbal IV infusions along with taking ammoxicillin, biaxin, and tons of supplements!

My herbal infusions then went to chelation.  This was all very expensive, but over the course I started getting better.  I wasn't where I wanted to be, however, because I was still really tired all the time and continued gaining weight.

Recently I started an all-natural route.  No more anti-biotics.  I'm seeing a lady from Arizona who has treated lyme with great success using herbs/supplements.  I'm feeling great, for the first time in a year I have no pain and I really feel like I have started to kick this terrible disease.

Good luck to you!
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