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Testing after vaccination

About 10 years ago I was vacciated with LymeRx (all three doses competed).  Because of some unexplainable pain and neurological symptoms my rhumatologist had me tested for Lyme Disease.  I did tell him that I had recieved the vaccination and was under the impression that because of that the Western Blot was the reccomended test.  When I went for follow up to talk about the results it turned out that he had ordered Lyme EIA IgG AB and Lyme EIA IgM AB.  The IgM came back negative and the IgG with a titer of 1:1280.  I understand that because of the vaccine I will probably always have some amount of antibodies present.  He told me that because I had not had a distinct bulls eye rash this was probably related to the vaccine and did not need further testing.

My question is;  Is this an expected titer level having been vaccinated?  

Although I have not had the classic rash, I do live in a high risk area (Connecticut), I do spend a lot of time in the woods, I have been bitten by ticks several times over the last view years, and I have had some other rashes that have not had an identifiable cause.

Even if it is reasonable to accept a negative diagnosis at this time, I think it would be benifficial to have information to go on should Lyme Disease be suspected in the future.

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