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Tick Bite (Should I be Concerned?)

Hello, I was just wondering if I should be concerned. I went for a bike ride two days ago and when I got back home, I realized that I have had a tick the about the size of a grain of salt or a little larger on my leg. I have manged to remove it head and all, but I had a big red lump where it was. I still have the red bump on my leg and I'm a little concerned. Is it normal to have a red bump on my leg after a tick bit me there or could I have possibly been infected by Lyme?

Thanks any information is greatly appreciated!!!!! :)
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Welcome to the lyme forum.  If it were me, considering you live in a lyme endemic state I would call your doctor tomorrow.  If it forms a ring or bullseye around the bite then you can be pretty sure it's lyme.
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Thank You sooo much for your response, I greatly appreciate it!!!!!! :) That's what I'll do, I'll call my doctor tomorrow and schedule an appointment to have it checked out! I'll let you know what I find out then. Thanks Again!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Night!!!! :)
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Did you save the tick by chance?  If you did, bring it with you.

Even if you test negative, if you notice any strange symptoms develop in the following weeks/months, keep Lyme in mind.  It can be tricky to test for and present in a wide variety of ways.
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Thank You sooo much for your Response, I greatly appreciate it!!!! :)

Oh no, I guess I didn't think of that. :( I guess I should have kept it, but I ended up flushing it down the toilet.

My doctor has ordered me to have a blood test today to check for Lyme. I'll let you know what I find out then, but like you said if I even test negative for Lyme, I'll still keep an eye on it. :) Thanks again!!!! :)

Have a Wonderful Afternoon!!!! :)
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It takes several weeks for the body to form antibodies to lyme.  So your test will probably be negative whether you have it or not.  Unless of course, you already have lyme from a previous bite.
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Thank you sooo much for your response!!!! :) I'll keep that in mind if I do test negative for it and any other new symptoms occur.

I'll let you know how it is when I get the results! :)
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I just posted on this topic.  I had an engorged tick (for who knows how long...as it was on my back on my left side).  When  I found it I tried to remove it but didn't get it all so I went to the doctor right away as there was a red ring around where the tick was.  He probed and finally removed it's miniscule head and put me on a very strong drug for fourteen days...two a day.  I finished the drug but now have raised red bumps on the same side of my body...about six inches above where the tick was engorged and just under my left arm pit.  The bumps have felt like a rash of some sort and kinda hurt but do not itch.  I just don't know what they might be.  If anyone reads my previous post I said a bit more about them.  Glad that you asked about your tick bite wonko...better to be safe than sorry with ticks! ...especially deer ticks.
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