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Tick bite

I was bitten by a tick in 2007 and develope a classic bullseye rash... I  was not put on antibiotics untill a month after the bite and I was only on them for two weeks.My family doctor  did a blood test and told me I did not have lyme disease due to the fact the blood test came back negative. I have been sick since the bite with  many symptoms of lyme disease and as time goes on I am getting sicker. I have many symptoms  and I seem to be  coming down with more of them.I feel I am falling apart physically & mentally.

If anyone can point me in the direction of a lyme literate doctor in Southern Ontario it would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome.  I'm sorry to hear about your all too familiar story.  As you probably know two weeks of antibiotics is not nearly enough.  Also blood testing does not show antibodies for several weeks after the bite (if ever).  So your test was probably done too soon.

I am not aware of any physicians in Ontario but hopefully someone here will.  How far are you from the US border?  I know of people who come here to the states for treatment.  
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Hi,  Are you in Canada?  If so, I am unfamiliar with your health care system.  If at all possible try to get another lyme test (Western Blot) and have it run through Igenex lab, in California, USA.  You may have to pay for it (about $200.00) but it truly seems to be the expert lab for tick bourne illness.  God bless you, Amy
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Have you checked www.CanLyme.com?  

It's a quite detailed website with a link on the leftside to "World Wide Support Finder."  

Click that and there are three contacts in Ontario you could try to find a Lyme dr.  

Good luck, and tell us how you do.

Above all, don't give up.  Many of us have been where you are.
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