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Trying to conceive, can I still do this or do I need to wait for treatment?

I was just told I have borderline Lyme's Disease via blood work. I'm currently in the process of trying to conceive after a miscarriage. I'm currently in my fertility window and wondering if I should wait? Or would it be okay to still try and conceive and begin treatment in about a week.
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I’m sorry no one has answered you about conceiving while having Lyme (no “S”) - that’s a very specific question that most don’t know about, I imagine.
You said you have “borderline” Lyme disease- with all due respect, that’s like saying you are “borderline” pregnant. You either have it or you don’t.
May I suggest you go back to whoever ordered the Lyme tests?
If there was no dr who ordered the tests- you should find a “Lyme Literate” dr (LLMD) either an MD/DO or a naturopath. ILADS dot org has a referral service, and the local Lyme disease online support groups are very helpful and will know the better Lyme Drs in your area.
Lyme is very serious. You need to be diagnosed one way or the other, and treated as needed.  
Also one of the best things you can do is educate yourself- a good place to start is
lymedisease dot org
Best wishes- Trisha
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