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Update - Focusing on Babesia now

I saw my PA today and we concluded that most of my symptoms at this point are probably Babesia and side effects of Malarone. She didn't put me on Mepron because it has to be taken with Zithromax, which I can't take because of another med I am on. She gave me another scrip for a med I've never heard of, Alinia, to take along with Malarone.  But get this, my insurance only authorized 20 days worth, not the 30 that was prescribed.  I don't know why.  I guess I'll call next week to find out why.

I also got good news that I am to finish my current box of Bicillin (penicillin) shots and then switch to an oral long lasting Augmentin (penicillin).  I took Augmentin 875 for a week when I first got sick, not knowing what I had, and I recovered from my severe flu-like symptoms in a couple of days. It worked great.  I don't finish my shots until early January, but I am glad to know the end is in sight. I will no longer feel like a pin cushion!

I still have a few Lyme symptoms, with most of them being occasional, like the tingling in my legs.  My ribs are still chronically sore, but ever so slowly getting better.

It is nice to know I am on the downhill side.
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Malarone is what landed me in the hospital that time. I had also tried mepron.

I hadn't heard of that other drug but it seems you are on the right track and glad to hear it!
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Great news Ricobord! Progress.
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Yessssss!!!!!  Excellent news!
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I had tingling limbs non-stop for over a year, and then a very slow rate of that symptom fading.  Now I will very seldom have it at all, which is great because I had started to accept that I'd always have that nuisance.

Good luck with the new medication plan.  Augmentin is about the only abx that I can't tolerate, I had vomiting and the runs from it.  (Yes, at the same time!  It was the only time I was grateful for the sink-right-in-front-of-toilet set-up in my then studio apartment.)

Onward and upward!
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